Wednesday, August 1

5a-Larabar, c reg, supps
6a-c reg w 2T coconut milk
630a-taught class, did warmup
7a-did ~15 minutes of stretches/moves from Running With the Whole Body
830a-2c reg
1030a-2c half-caff w stevia
12p-2.73m run/walk w/ Lisa
1p-Uberbar, oz almonds, s sesame crackers, supps
330p-oz almonds, 2c decaf tea
6p(Perkin's)-Cobb salad w/o bleu cheese & w/ T balsamic vinaigrette, 3c decaf, supps
915p-T pepitas, supps
Throughout day-3.5 quarts water

IF: Plan was to skip breakfast, eat a morning snack & 2 normal meals. With the extra running last night, and a low-cal salad supper out tonight, I ate a Larabar for breakfast. Then I completely forgot to bring lunch. Gah! Luckily my desk is nicely stocked with snack foods that worked in a pinch, but I was in real need of vegetables!

Sleep: In bed 8 hours, 9-5. At least a half hour before I fell asleep; up at 2 for b/r; woke naturally about 450 - got up feeling really good, much better than I expected to!

Body: Excellent. Felt stiffness in class warmup, but moving felt good. Very pleased with the run/walk paces, progressive without even trying for it.

No pullups today, resting the complaining elbow (which already felt better by mid-day, but I still held off in the eve). Sat ~1.5 hours for meetings. Also, just realized that yesterday I did not get the "fat knees" feeling while standing at my desk. Huh. Oh, and last night I finished my shower with a good minute or two of cool water. Couldn't quite commit to true cold, so I just made it longer than a cold blast.. What prompted this? Using the NSS blog post about recovery, scoring myself a point.

Brain: Excellent. While doing the stretches I was checking myself out in the mirror and came to the realization that when I don't look at my stomach, I feel nothing but satisfaction in my body. I like everything else, or can at least appreciate that my big legs are more muscle than fat. (Oh, but that fucking BELLY, it can ruin my day. Solution: just ignore it!)

Solid load of work dumped on me for the month of August. Something exciting, but ruins the plans I had to make progress on my goals. And potentially a bit overwhelming; will have to step up my efficiency and avoid moving right into this place.

Good night with godchild Emma. Charity shopping, supper, CherryBerry, visiting the family. All wonderful, except got home after my bedtime. Yikes.

WOD: Run. Although I still feel like I'm "coming back" from my injury and justifying plenty of walk breaks, I know that physically I do not need them. It's all mental. My body is fully capable!

Quote: I'm not religious, but an entire monastery prayed for me today. It can't possibly hurt, right?
Good morning, Sabrina,
This is just a friendly reminder that today is your special prayer day. The Sisters are praying for you. We hope you have a great day filled with God’s blessings!
S. Bernadette Weber
Sisters of St. Benedict
St. Joseph, MN

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