Friday, August 10

330a-fr egg, 1.5 sl bacon, sl toast, micro cake, fruit leather, c reg, supps
5a-c reg w 2T coconut milk
530a-1.5c reg w SF syrup
8a-med apple, bag jerky, bottle diet cherry Coke
1p-2s turkey pepperoni "chips" dipped into salsa verde, Larabar, mini Larabar, bottle diet A&W
530p-c roasted veg, sm eggplant w/ sunshine sauce, plain tomato, few carrots w/ salsa verde, micro cake, AZ bar, c decaf
730p-c decaf w/ T coconut milk, supps
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Sleep: In bed 6 hours, 9p-3a; took over a half hour to fall asleep. Very early AM I was in/out for a while, but did not look at clock, guessing an hour or so. Got up for b/r at 245a, then was wide awake. Eventually I did the math and realized I could just get up and go work at NSS at 5am rather than going in the afternoon.

But seriously: what the fuck is up with my sleep? I tried shifting calories earlier in the day with no impact. So is it just caloric intake? 1450 average the past three days, 1300 the past four. Too low? (Hope so!)

"Dr Googlepedia, MD" indicates several possibilities:
-Very low carb/ketosis = sleep issues - but they are talking 20g carbs/ day, and I'm typically clocking in around 125g.
-Lack of magnesium - I drink Natural Calm (mag + calcium) every morning & night.
-Too much water before bed - last night I drank no fluids besides my NC after freaking 4pm.
-Too cold - I have recently switched to wearing shorts to bed. Maybe I'll put my pants back on.

My own theory: slightly fucked-up hormones. Very simplistically: I suspect the caloric deficit on top of boosted running has thrown my cortisol cycle off, so I'm waking too early. Very-low-carb diets, high stress, high intensity exercise, etc, all impact cortisol. It is supposed to be lowest around midnight-4a, and as it moves toward peak (~8a), you wake up. Hopefully mine is just a bit off-cycle, and just a bit of tweaking will right the ship. After comparing to last week, I shall try incrementally increasing calories, to 1550, and boosting carbs a wee bit, roughly 100 calories more per day. (Science is fun!) Also, eliminating all supplements (besides Fiber, probiotic) to see if perhaps something in there is an issue.

The weird thing is that I feel pretty good. I don't get out of bed feeling like a zombie like I regularly did way back in tax season. But without sleep, I am not recovering very well, and with all the extra running, I am in extra need of recovery, so I definitely want to try fixing this ASAP.

Body: Better than I would have expected. I keep thinking this rotten sleep is going to seriously body-slam me each day, but I keep feeling pretty good. Rest day today, as planned. Left shin still has a bit of soreness but all else feels quite good.

Brain: Better than I would have expected. Wore my thermometer jeans today, though, and almost couldn't get the god damned things on. And they really don't look that good. Why can't I bring myself to just shove them to the back of the closet? And/or where the fuck is the progress I thought I was making?!

Work problem: I postpone a lot of shit to Fridays. My coworkers like to spend Fridays chatting. These two things are not compatible until I learn how to tell people to leave me alone.

WOD: Goals. For example, not attempting to Do All The Things but rather to focus on one goal, like fat loss. Which will soon give way to 50k training.

After that...more fat loss? Powerlifting? Boston? I honestly don't know. I am unable to pick just one. I want to DO EVERYTHING. No, scratch that - that's entirely possible. I want to BE AWESOME AT EVERYTHING. Little tougher.

Bicycling has done more to emancipate women than any one thing in the world...A woman awheel is the picture of untrammeled womanhood.
-Susan B Anthony

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