Tuesday, July 24

530a-4 plain hot dogs, half cantaloupe, 2c reg w coconut creamer
630a-half bag baby carrots, 2c reg w coconut creamer, supps
645a-50 burpees
9a-1.05m hike, Ely's
945a-2oz nuts, bottle diet cherry Pepsi
1230p (Famous Dave's)-roasted chicken, baked ham, cole slaw, fries, few chips, 2c reg, supps
330p-half Larabar, 5HE
4p-personal training
5p-half Larabar
730p-2 carrots dipped in salsa, c stir fry, bunch of coconut butter
Throughout day-3.5 quarts water

Sleep: 7 hours, 10-5. Solid, but SERIOUSLY: what is with the need to wake at dawn?!

Body: In AM, tight hip flexors only. Not looking forward to ride home! Burpees felt better than expected, though I confess I had to talk myself into it, and the first five really sucked. Climb to Ely's was a piece of cake, but hip flexors required the warm-up walk to it. Hip flexors continued to tighten up on drive home. Walked into FD looking like an old lady. Body would rather climb mountains than sit in a car! (Or perhaps simply rather not sit in a car after climbing mountains, suggested Dustin.)

Session was rough on me, didn't quite have "it," hot and sweating, pretty fatigued (unexplainble, right?!)...anyway, tomorrow is a rest day, may do yoga after work only...lots of quality sleep in My Own Bed, I should be feeling normal again soon!

Brain: Great. This has been an incredible weekend. Despite the many physical feats, it's been 100% rejuvenating. I can't quit marveling that just 5 years ago, I would've likened this to fat camp, not vacation!

Again, thanks to NSS for introducing me to the glorious beauty of the Superior Hiking Trail, and as always, thanks to Dustin for making me into the strong little freak that I am.

Also thanks to all the downtime with feet in the river, I've decided on my ideal house location: in the woods, with a river running through it, in the middle of a cornfield. Shouldn't be too hard to find, nor too expensive, right?

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