Tuesday, July 17

530a-1.5 fr eggs, s chicken sausage, c stir fry, Larabar, c reg w 2T coconut milk, supps
645a-2 marshmallows, c reg
730a-2c reg
945a-chicken sausage, Uberbar, 2c decaf w stevia, supps
12p-personal training
130p-choco banana protein ice cream
330p-oz almonds
6p-salad w avocado & balsamic, med green apple, oz macadamias, sampling pureed strawberries & nut cream for popsicles, supps
Throughout day-4.5 quarts water - when I make a concentrated effort, it's not that hard!

IF: None today. Training today & tomorrow means I need to pack in high-quality nutrition and boost calories some. Ate a large breakfast, then a lighter mid-morning snack for less in my belly at training, to see how that felt - which was good. Nothing but high-quality nutrition for the rest of the day.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed. Solid hours. Lovely hours. Woke-without-alarm hours. Beautimonious!

Body: Great! Digestion a little fucked up, rather bloated this morning, not really sure why. Rice syrup? Calves initially a little bit tight from yesterday's run, and tighter again in the afternoon as well. Jump rope?

Sat for 1.5 hours in meeting.

Diet Summary post has been updated. Cycle 3 is going down as a maintenance cycle. Numbers are way high. But curiously, pictures do not reflect it. The higher caloric difference comes from fat; carbs actually went down compared to first two cycles. Curious, indeed.

Brain: Great! An "assorted rambling" kind of day:

For our team event on Thursday, I need three words, phrases, or pictures that "exemplify who I am or what I stand for." I will either be writing the word or drawing the picture...which means Wonder Woman is out. (I am an accountant; I cannot draw!) I came up with: barbell (encompasses all health-related things), heart (as I am a bleeding heart), and a smiley face (as, usually [blog bitching notwithstanding] I am quite happy and content with my life).

Monica had to tweak our Ragnar legs (team name: Nasty Smelling Situation!), and the outcome is half sad. I had initially requested to be in Dustin's van, since that way if I had issues, I'd have his brain to pick - or, more likely, he could talk me back from the ledge. However, after spending time myself trying to tweak things, I came to realize that I'd probably have to pick between Dustin & Lisa....so I told her in that case, put me with Lisa. I know my presence would also benefit HER in return, while Dustin probably couldn't give a crap about me. So...I'm in with Lisa, and not Dustin. Damn. But I guess this means I simply WON'T have any issues, right? Right!

My new legs (runner #11, 2nd shortest, 2nd easiest):
-4.0m moderate: 242' elevation gain, 111' loss; approximate run time of 7:17pm; NW out of Pepin, WI.
-4.9m hard: 330' gain, 134' loss; approx 4:14am; along the river north out of Hudson, WI.
-4.9m moderate: 317' gain, 320' loss; approx 11:18am; on the running paths along the Mississippi in St Paul, sweet!

Hot $ tips: From Joy: Menard's has PB Cookie Larabars for only $0.75 and Chocolate Coconut for $1, right in the entryway. From me: Pete's has my beloved BBQ Pork Jerky for only $4.99. Walgreen's has (or had on Friday) their nuts on sale.

WOD: Sunshine. Hey, that's me! No, really, that was my nickname in high school. And that's why I have a sun on my shoulder blade. So I brighten people's day...when I leave. Ha!

I don't believe you have to be better than everybody else.
I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.
-Ken Venturi

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