Thursday, July 26

615a-fr egg, s chicken sausage, sl toast, c reg w T coconut creamer, supps
7a-2 mallows, c reg w T coconut milk
815a-2c reg
10a-2c half caff
1130a-personal training
1p-6oz tilapia w onions, 2c stir fry, oz almonds, can diet cherry Coke (shush, HK), supps
630p-6oz tilapia w onions, 4 raw carrots w salsa, c steamed eggplant w red wine vinegar, protein cake, 9 fresh-picked organic raspberries, 2 mallows, supps
Throughout day-3.5 quarts water

IF: None today: full fast tomorrow. Urge was to skip supper just because I'm feeling so motivated this week and I want to "make up for" vacation weekend. Slapped that idea out of my head and treated it like a normal Thursday. Aim is to break even on calories in/calories out.

Going forward, I am going to try replacing "meal 2" with a snack (half calories of a meal) and see how things go. If that snack is something as delicious as a Lara/Uberbar then it should be tolerable. I hope.

Sleep: 8.25, 945-6. Woke w/o alarm, but was up for bathroom again at 215. The hell! I think that was too much water too late in the day. Will work on that.

Body: Decent. Hammies a bit heavy but good by session time. Low back bugged post-session. Muscle, not disc, not worried. Sat for hour in meeting.

Brain: Good. Feeling snacky & wanting dessert after meals...thinking it wouldn't hurt to have a little bit of [insert snack here] - but then I stop and remind myself that I can do that in maintenance, but I can not do that now & still expect fat loss. Also managed to resist buying nuts at Fleet...they are everywhere!

Started easing back into pullups at home this week. Trying to remember to knock one out every time I walk into the computer room. Doesn't amount to many, maybe 5 a day at this point, but it's helping shift the brain back over into "attack mode."

Added to vision file for Saturday: Craved VEGETABLES on vacation.

Added to vision file for today: 205x1 deadlift after failing at it since May 30.


WOD: Determination. As in this, from my vision file:

Wake up with determination.
Go to bed with satisfaction.

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