Sunday, July 8

745a-2 sl egg bake, Uberbar, orange, 2c reg w 3T coconut milk, supps
11a-Uberbar, bag jerky, can diet Coke
1215p-lightweight powerlifting session
During lifting-2 Ultima
2p-2 SP cranberry cakes, s chicken sausage, can Zevia, supps
At races-2.5s sunflower seeds, bottle diet cherry Dr Pepper, can Zevia
Throughout day-2 quarts water

IF: No supper. But a whole damned bag of seeds ain't much different, GAH.

Sleep: In bed 6.5 hours, sleeping for a max of 5.5. Very tired. Very long day. Too much caffeine.

Body: Very sore glutes and hams still. Sheesh! Tight calves, nearly cramped overnight in bed. Selected racing seats that would let us stand up while we were there for eight. ungodly. hours.

Brain: Doing well, considering the low sleep. Beautiful day. Squeezed in most of my chores before the super early races. Lifting felt really good, definitely helps. Races were good, but started to crash a bit at 10. Not a surprise. Managed to stay outwardly nice and normal.

The best way to get the last word is to apologize.
-Stephen Covey

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