Sunday, July 22

615a-2c reg w coconut creamer, many pinches coconut flakes
7a-bag pork jerky, 2c reg
630a-yoga, TRX & burpees
830a-2 fr eggs, 2oz ham, pile fried potatoes, 3c reg, supps
10a-Hiked 2.41 miles, Oberg
1015a-Kind bar, s pistachios, half Uberbar, few seeds
1215p-Hiked 3.61 miles, Carlton
During-s Ultima
215p-Half Uberbar
330p-2oz mixed nuts, bag snap peas
4p-2 hour nap
7p-3 hot dogs, 3 sl bread, 2s baby carrots, 2 cans Zevia, some seeds, supps
930p-2 microwaved s'mores, Uberbar
Throughout day-4 quarts water

Gallon of water each was genius idea, felt fairly good all day. I also found a sad little market that had some fruit and veg for me, finally. Never thought I would crave them so badly!!

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 10-6. Improving! Felt tired in AM though. I am supposed to be getting MORE sleep on vacation! Two hour afternoon nap.

Body: Calves very tight, right more than left. Feeling a little depleted. Took it easy in AM with yoga and just two TRX moves along w burpees. Did 10 long, deep breaths between sets, and felt better after finishing than when I started! Caveat to training outdoors: it is not too zen to kill mosquitos while doing yoga.

First hike: easy. Basically just a hike around the summit to the many overlooks. Chilled in Onion River afterward.

Second hike: a real true climb, harder. Felt good but hot and tired at very end. Right shin gave a few niggles so I told Hop no running allowed today. Chilled in Temperance River afterward.

Brain: Good, but a little tired. Even Hop was feeling better than me today, the nap was pure need for me. Gorgeous views gave a boost!

Pic of the day: Lake Superior from our cabin. Ahhhhhh.....

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