Saturday, July 28

7a-bag pork jerky, protein bar, 2c reg w 2T coconut creamer, supps
730a-20-minute walk
8a-basement lifting
9a-micro cake w coconut butter & SF syrup, c reg w T coconut milk
10a-bottle DCP, half s sunflower seeds
1230p-bunch of shrimp, med potato, pile raw veg (broccoli, peppers, grape tomatoes), bunch of fruit (strawberries, melons, grapes, pineapple, blueberries) w fruit dip*, c reg, bottle diet A&W
330p-walked about a mile trekking to park, around park, back from park
530p-bottle DCP, s sunflower seeds
830p-roasted eggplant w TC guacamole, protein bar, pumpkin & mallow "pudding," bunch of GF donut holes, peach tea w coconut milk, supps
Throughout day-2 quarts water

*Mom made this fruit dip that was fantastic: coconut milk, cocoa, sugar, could it NOT be great, right?

Sleep: 8.5 hours, 1015-645. Up at 315 for b/r, digestive issues woke me, and that's also what woke me at 645. Odd, but whatever; the sleep was solid again!

Body: Very good. Took the AM walk because calves were crazy tight and I wanted to play around with foot strike a little, without running. Calves stayed tight all day. Digestive system pretty pissed off, for unknown reasons. Lower back fine most of day, tightened up quite a bit around 4pm, and stayed that way. It did not like all of the driving. Again, though, purely muscular.

Brain: Doing excellent. Loved the morning workout. Visited my brother's critters (2 old goats, a new baby goat, a fat little pony, a ton of baby guineas) and then a big family gathering in Little Falls. At the park, I immediately climbed the pole of the swingset, then taught/helped some of the kids do it; also, swinging is fun for adults, too!! Tripped to St Cloud, then groceries, then home finally at 8pm. Didn't get much done, but it was a nice fun family day. Oh, I did burn up my racing stripe with all the time outside this afternoon, so my runner's tan should look a little less freakish.

Taking initiative does not mean being pushy, obnoxious, or aggressive. It does mean recognizing your responsibility to make things happen.
-Stephen Covey

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