Saturday, July 21

530-bag pork jerky, 2c reg
630a-10 burpees, TRX fun, 10 burpees
9a-omelet w ham & bacon & maple sausage (I renamed it the "Sabrina" omelet), side of fruit (banana, blueberries, green apple), 2c reg, supps
10a-Hiked 5 miles, Pincushion
1p-Larabar, bag pork jerky, supps
2p-Hiked 4 miles, Lookout
330p-oz pistachios
4p-Hiked half mile, Moose
430p-half s sunflower seeds
530p-3 chicken sausage, T mustard, packet Sunbutter w 4 graham crackers, 2 raw mallows, 2 cans Zevia, 2c decaf w coconut creamer
9p-2 pumpkin pie irons
Throughout day-2 quarts water

No grocery stores anywhere near us. I am craving vegetables big time!

Note: I am posting dailymile workouts but I can't link to them. Use the widget on your right if you care to see details.

Sleep: 6.5 hours in bed, 1030-5. Woke up naturally about 430 and tried to fall back...too early, again, but felt rested.

Body: Great! Vacation day 2 = 20 burpees, plus all the core/upper body moves in the book that came with TRX. All TRX work should be done outdoors. And also I think NSS should do a TRX much fun would that be?!

First hike felt great. Longer than expected, got thirsty. (Packed in water on all later hikes. Tomorrow we will buy a gallon of water each as a gallon for the two of us is all we went through today. Definitely not enough. Will also make some into Ultima to avoid salt binges.) Chilled knees down in Grand Marais harbor post hike.

Second hike felt harder. Need more water. Calves getting tight. (In Vibrams yesterday, Merrells today, fatties tomorrow.) Chilled calves and feet afterward in Cascade River.

Third hike was nothing. Gondola up, traipse around the top until the biting flies got to us, gondola down. Back to cabin.

Brain: Great! Hop actually ran a few times's a start!! So desperately wanted to be running today, especially the first one when I still felt fantastic.

Also, the view from Pincushion was simply breathtaking. I had tears in my eyes, that's how incredible it was. Thanks be to NSS for bringing me up here last October to fall in love with the northland!!

Pic of the day: Fitness anywhere!

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