Saturday, July 14

12a-5.04m run
130a-salad w pepitas & balsamic, oz cashews, banana, 5 hour energy, supps
2a-~1.5m walking (Merrells here onward)
4a-~4m walking (=8m total walking)
5a-shit ton of squats blowing out luminaria, felt super strong
530a -1m run w Brett
6a-Larabar, bag jerky, 2c decaf w SF syrup from Holiday (where I bought reg almost exactly 24 hours earlier!)
630a-bunch of cashews, coconut butter (yeah, that happened), supps
430p-2 fr eggs, 1.5 sl bacon, quart whole strawberries, micro cake w walnuts, 2c decaf w 2T coconut milk, can Zevia, supps
10p-coconut butter, salad w pepitas, walnuts, craisins, balsamic, supps
Throughout day-4 quarts water

Sleep: To bed at 715a. Up for b/r at 10, awake around 3ish but dozed, up at 4. The keys: ear plugs, sleep mask, nappy kitties!

Got up feeling rested but not energetic enough to hit the races, especially being super damned hot. Sounded way too draining to be worth the effort. Lazed and read instead.

Body: Run felt awesome. Tempted to keep going but listened to my Inner Dustin, telling me I had nothing to gain and too much to risk by doing so. Joined Brett for his final mile just because I couldn't resist. Happy I did, felt surprisingly good!

14 foot-miles in a single day...hello, excellent Ragnar training!

After getting up in pm, I was a bit stuff and sore but that is it. Much better than I expected to feel!

Brain: Forgiving the extra eating. Not at all surprising that I did, just happy it was carb-less. Somehow my carb cravings have been totally replaced with fat cravings. Interesting.


Take care of your character and your reputation will take care of itself.
-Stephen Covey

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