Monday, July 9

5a-c reg, supps
6a-c reg w stevia
630a-taught class, did warmup with them
730a-Americano w SF syrup
9a-2c reg
1130a-can Zevia
12p-3.51m run w/ Lisa (some walking)
630p-1.5m barefoot walk to hang purple ribbons
Throughout day-3.5 quarts water

IF: Full fast day. Felt hungry when I got up, but it went away within minutes. First chills didn't come on until 11am, along with some more hunger pangs. And yawns. Chills & hunger pangs came back at 4pm. Stayed strong.

Sleep: In bed 5 hours: 12a-5a. Halp! Fueled by adrenaline and caffeine, though I tried to limit that to reasonable amounts and only before noon.

Body: Doing surprisingly well. Tight/sore hams and glutes still, and left Achilles is tight, but no real issues. Pushing fluids like my stomach is on fire! Run was okay, felt like the weekend caught up to me. Going to be really careful the rest of the week so I'm not garbage by Friday. Shins/ankles/feet all felt fine. Upper body got fairly tight in afternoon. Kept resetting posture but it got hard to stay upright in general!

Brain: Again, doing surprisingly well. I'm not letting myself think that today will suck, simply planning to get through it just fine then go to bed as early as possible.

I forgot to mention a couple fun weekend tidbits: Hop's boss has a double-decker racecar trailer. I did several pullups on the second deck Saturday night. On Sunday night at the races, I discovered I could just barely reach the beam at the tip top of the grandstands. So I did a pullup there, too! Being strong is awesome.

Dustin: Relay for Life this Friday. My original plan was to run 5 miles Friday eve and 5 miles Saturday morning, Ragnar style. Probably not something I should try to get away with at this point. So please give me your ideas on how to do this without risking injury. Dial it back to 3 miles instead? Run 2 laps + walk 2 laps til I hit 5 miles? Just run once since either way, I'm going to be doing plenty of walking? I can't decide whether straight miles w/o walking or pure distance would be happier on the brain, and not certain the body will respond poorly either way. (I will not run on Wednesday.)

Another question for Dustin, or anyone else: Heard any good books lately? I'm going to have many hours of available iPod time at Relay. I'm almost done with my Self Compassion book (so good, BTW, that I actually think I'll get the hard copy as well so I can refer back to some sections). Conveniently, Audible is offering 20% off extra credits right now. Share your recs!

WOD: Achieve. I've got a pretty self-motivated high-achiever mindset and could go on and on about this particular word. But I'll stay succinct with what the WOD means to me today: it means to achieve my many ambitious goals, despite the poor foundation laid with the weekend's low sleep. A full fast day, a nice run with Lisa on her birthday, an efficient and effective work day, a successful Relay fundraiser at Lillian's ($110!!), and helping to Paint the Town Purple for Relay as well. Plenty enough ambition for a normal day, extra credit to do it on low sleep. But I will, because I know that I can.

Food prep: More than a little screwy due to the racing special, but here is what I've got to work with this week:
-Tuesday night I put two pork tenderloins in the slow cooker overnight. (Then we used the yummy flavor-filled juices in the pot of baked beans for the parade. Genius!)
-Pizza egg bake.
-This one's from yesterday: I cut 3 Larabars in half and re-packaged them in zip bags. Often I'm just looking for a little meal add-on or a tiny snack, and like everyone else in the world, it's nearly impossible to eat half of a treat like this. But if the package only has half, I can easily just eat half!
-Salads will be made this Tuesday night.


Don't let that which cannot be done stand in the way of that which can.
- John Wooden

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