Monday, July 30

5a-c reg w stevia, supps
6a-can Zevia
730a-2c reg
930a-can Zevia
1045a-2c reg
12p-3.49m run w Lisa
230p-Uberbar, supps
530p-6oz chicken, salad w hb egg & half avocado & red wine vinegar, c grapes/strawberries/blueberries, supps
Throughout day-3.5 quarts water

IF: Fasted until afternoon snack pretty easily. Hunger pangs at 930a; hiked up the fluids. Cold at 1030a; drank some nommy coffee. Hunger pangs again at 230p, plus feeling cravings, so ate a snack.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed. Couldn't fall asleep (tired but not sleepy), got up after half hour and just took a Bendadryl. Woke just before 5 without alarm.

Body: Calves still redonk tight, but the rest is feeling good. Run went well; apparently I do not use my calves in my fat shoes! Standing at desk got very old today...I guess because it's Monday, but also today just felt like it was the And I already felt that way at 2pm, ugh! This was mostly brain, but knees got pretty "fat" feeling.

Brain: Doing well today. Looked back at eating pattern and decided to simply set an intake goal. This week: 1650. Not remotely drastic. Feels too high, but I've got to begin with something easily achievable. I took my fasting template and started adding meals & calories (it took a LOT) to get it to 1650, and it amounts to this plan: Mondays, fast at least until an afternoon snack; Wednesdays & Fridays, skip breakfast. That's it. Otherwise, 3 meals & a snack every day. Plus, suppers & weekend meals all went in at 650. I literally double-checked my formulas to make sure, because it seemed like way too much food! And it kind of is - it's definitely not going to create a large deficit, but it will create some momentum, which will be more successful (long-term) than setting an unachievable goal and beating myself up when I miss it.

I toyed with doing the Warrior Diet for the week (basically fast until supper, then eat as much as you want) but I think it might be a bad idea to encourage me to eat 1000-calorie meals. After eating my 3 ribs last night, I felt as though I could have easily eaten the rest of the rack. Not because I was hungry, but because I simply wasn't full. I believe my hunger signals are pretty fucked up.

(Diet Summary post has been updated.)

Great Pic: Obviously, this is what was happening to me:

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