Monday, July 23

7a-2c reg w coconut creamer, NC
730a-TRX & burpees
8a-bottle v8, supps
9a-6oz sirloin, 2 fr eggs, crispy hash browns, 3c reg
10a-6.6 mile hike, Trudee
130p-s pumpkin seeds, bag maple ham nuggets
3p-.75 mile hike, Gooseberry Falls
330p-Larabar, s 5 hour energy
345p-1 mile hike, Split Rock Lighthouse & Palisade Head
6p-tiny garden salad, giant pork loin*, few fries w mustard, diet Pepsi, supps
9p-microwaved non-s'mores (graham crackers dipped into melted chocolate & Sunbutter...outta mallows)
Throughout day-GOWAD in effect!

*I must expound. This "pork loin" was the size of a roast, and better than bacon. Yes, that is what I said: better than bacon! A nice strip of fat all the way through, the juiciest meat ever, and literally the size of a turkey breast. The menu called it a pork loin, the ticket called it a pork chop, I called it perfection!!

Sleep: Ugh. In bed 7ish hours, max sleep was 12-6. Tired but coping well. Helped to step outside in peaceful perfection and start the day off right.

Body: Not depleted like yesterday morning, but certainly fatigued. Right calf still tight initially but better as we got hiking.

Hike felt excellent. Body strong all the way up, let Hop lead down since I'm so slow then, but I kept up well as he was finally slowing down. Which is good, I was starting to get mad that he had no problem keeping up!!

Brain: Pretty darn good considering the low sleep. Loved the hike, enjoyed two state parks, did some off-61 driving to kill time before supper at the BBQ joint, so we got to see some purty backwoods. Also found a local coconut-product seller; got shredded flakes, butter, and vinegar. Vinegar!

POTD: Hop is a good scout.

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