Monday, July 2

515a-c reg, c NC (forgot supps til supper)
6a-Uberbar, c reg w 2T coconut milk
630a-taught class, did warmup only
730a-2c reg
10a-3oz walleye, c roasted veg, Uberbar, 2c decaf w stevia
12p-2.84m run/walk w/ Lisa
230p-salad w .5 avocado & balsamic, oz almonds
630p-2 fr eggs, s chicken sausage, 2 sl toast, 2c decaf w 2T coconut milk, handful raspberries, supps
Throughout day-2 quarts water

Sleep: 8 hours in bed. Up at 215a for br. GAH. This has been happening a lot lately...causing stress? due to stress?

Body: Feels great. Well rested and loose and ready to DO SOMETHING. Thrilled to run with my friend Timmy - felt good despite the god-awful heat. Great Ragnar training!

Lot more sitting today due to payroll processing.

Made a Thursday night kayaking date with Amy and this plan for Wed/Thurs: walk 30-60min Wed AM and PM, run Thursday noon. Toe-in-the-water for true Ragnar training.

Brain: I'm doing well. Started listening to Paleo Pepper's podcast last night, the first of which talked a lot about loving yourself. One of the tips: believe what people tell you. When your friends and family call you beautiful and smart and wonderful...they are right. Believe them. The voice in your head that disagrees and thinks you suck is WRONG. Whenever you hear that negative internal voice talking, shut her (or him) up; override it with the voice of one or all of your people. Immediately. And this may have nothing to do with body comp; whatever your self-doubt issue, be it your job or parenting or whatever, choose to hear the positive things that others tell you, tell yourself they are true, and act as if you agree with them.

WOD: Calm. Moderated emotions. No freakouts. Don't let your highs get too high, don't let your lows get too low. This is how I used to be, actually. Why am I now such a rollercoaster of emotions? I miss mellow.

Optimal health does not demand achieving the ideal body. True, holistic, radiant health instead demands nourishment and care. It demands prioritizing the needs over the body over the way that it looks, and it demands dropping any kind of warfare mentality. True health begs of us to work with our bodies, in partnership, and to nourish and nurture them in our health and weight loss journeys rather than try desperately to cram them into shapes they are not designed for.

-Stefani Ruper (aka Paleo Pepper) in a genius Whole9 post
PS, you really should go read that post. Es muy excelente.

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