Friday, July 6

6a-2 sl French toast w cinnamon & stevia & 2T SF syrup, chicken sausage, c reg, supps
7a-c reg w 2T coconut milk
730a-half-hour walk delivering paychecks
8a-Americano w SF syrup
10a-3oz pork tenderloin, c roasted veg, Larabar, 2c decaf w stevia, supps
1150a-oz almonds
1215p-personal training
2p-salad w half avocado & balsamic, Larabar, bag jerky, supps
730p-can Zevia
Throughout day-4 quarts water

IF: No supper. Wanted to fully recover from Prowler before tomorrow's run, though, so I threw in an extra little snack.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 915p-545a. Dozing for roughly the last hour, but otherwise it was solid. Glorious.

Body: Achey in morning. Noticed rather heavy legs while climbing stairs delivering checks. Weird. Slight ache outside bottom right shin, more tightness than anything, and not where it hurt before. Good going into session, jello coming out. Got my money's worth!

Brain: Very good. Busy with almost-fun things at work, session was great despite Prowler beat-down, and even managed to sneak outta TS at 3:30 since I was at a point where I couldn't finish anything else. Hit up job #2, which I also love, and then errands and home for a night of bill-paying. Which I love to do. I = dorkiest dork that ever dorked.

WOD: Inspire. This WOD encourages me to stay true to my goals so that I can inspire others.

I want everyone else to know that I came from a place of no fitness, no strength, half-assed nutrition, no coordination, no sports in high school...and look at me now. I am not special. I am not unique. I am just like you. Anyone can do what I have done. It's persistence alone that has gotten me where I am.

I started to run for weight loss alone, then had chronic injury issues, realized that I missed running and actually loved it, saw & ditched 7 unhelpful doctors, kept seeking help until Dustin fixed me, and then I qualified for Boston, won a 10k, won a 5k, completed a 50k and...stay tuned for what is to come!

I actually didn't feel I needed Dustin any more once I was running again, but he sucked me into the world of lifting and then I fell in love, gained tons of strength, achieved goal after goal, became a group fitness instructor, participated in a powerlifting meet, have a squat rack in my basement, and again...stay tuned for more!

I discovered Paleo eating cured the awful cystic acne that depressed me daily, and although I initially couldn't imagine a life without ice cream or bread or pizza or beer, I'm doing fine with modified substitutes, and I have discovered a love of pure, natural, delicious fruits and vegetables that will nourish my body to a ripe old age and fuel all the future running & lifting I've promised myself.

Again: in all of my accomplishments, there is only persistence. That's why I blather about every bit of my life on this blog. I want you to realize that just like you, I struggle, I have setbacks, I doubt myself, I get depressed, I have days of total surrender to the stress of life...I've had a shit ton of setbacks, mental and physical and emotional, but I never give up. Persistence.

I'll tell my story to anyone and everyone because I want people to understand that anyone can improve their health and appearance and confidence and LIFE in the exact same way:
-Eat the foods you know you should eat, and stop eating junk with no nutritional value.
-Find exercises that you enjoy, that are fun activities to look forward to, not chores you dread.
-Do these things over and over and over until you become the person you want to be.

It worked for me, and it will work for you.

The real key to your influence with me is your example...the kind of person you truly are-not what others say you are or what you may want me to think you are...Your character is constantly radiating, communicating. From it, I come to instinctively trust or distrust you and your efforts with me.
-Stephen Covey

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