Friday, July 27

645a-c reg, supps
730a-c reg w T coconut milk
8a-2c decaf w stevia
930a-Americano w SF syrup
1p-2c decaf tea
2p-1.99m run to NSS
415p-2.39m run from NSS (side trip to bank)
6p-2 hours wandering around Stearns Co Fair
7p-can diet Pepsi
9p-2 fr eggs, chicken sausage, sl GF toast, 2c decaf w T coconut milk, 2c grapes, homemade popsicle, supps
Throughout day-1.75 quarts water

IF: Ate supper only, plus a little fat in the AM coffee. Got chilled at 1p, grabbed some hot tea; otherwise I felt just fine all day! Yes, even while wandering around the fair with the family. Nothing there I could eat anyway, and somehow didn't feel deprived, even when I fetched kettle corn for them. Brain is clearly in a wonderful place.

Wasn't going to eat supper, but after figuring out my short morning timeline for lifting & family event, I decided to eat a super late supper and lift fasted instead.

Sleep: 9.5 hours, 9-630! Incredibly solid...thank you, deadlifts!

Body: Sore glutes, all else is normal. Low back only feels a bit tight, much improved over yesterday. Calves tight after runs, wore Merrells, to be expected. All felt fine standing/wandering at fair.

Loved the NSS blog post on's akin to the Whole9 health equation, but to me it's a full step better, because it takes away some of the vague subjectivity by applying numbers. Still subjective, but it's like the difference between "How do you feel?" versus "Scale of 1-10, how do you feel?" - the second question is far more useful to me. (Should I be an accountant, or should I be an accountant?!) The tool shown also really hits home to me that a day of fasting = serious stress on the body. To even hit reasonable recovery, I would have to do everything else.

Brain: Really good. Ready for a productive day/weekend that includes a lot of family socializing. Should keep me from noticing the hubster is missing.

WOD: Steadfast. As in, stay strong and hold tight to my plan.

I suspect that many of the "failures" of Cycle 3 came from this: when I feel good, I try to fast & cut calories AMAP, because I'm worried that I'll fail at my weekend plan - this way I can "bank" my deficit early in the week. So in a sense, I've already given myself permission to fail over the weekend. Then when the weekend comes, I've gotten myself so depleted with all the cut calories & fasting that I simply can't stop the physical binge urge.

So my plan needs to be more moderate across the board: fast on Mondays & Fridays all day if I feel good enough, cut out Wednesday breakfast (gives me an extra half hour of sleep), and then stick to a "3 meals & a PWO snack" plan Tues/Thurs and over the weekend. No more attempts at banking deficits during the week so that I "can" overeat on the weekend. This way I should not be depleted physically, so the only challenge is mental, in simply not using the weekend as an excuse to overeat.

In all truthfulness, I should be able to get by on fewer calories during the weekend, because my workouts are easier and sleep is better and stress is lower. Probably true for all of us. Baby steps of progress in simply realizing that.

Wealth stays with us a little moment if at all: only our characters are steadfast, not our gold.

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