Wednesday, June 6

515a-protein shake pudding (sc choco protein, 1/3c canned coconut milk), c reg, supps - experiment
6a-c reg w/ stevia
630a-taught class & only demo'd new moves
during class & w/o-2s Ultima - experiment
830a-2c reg - habit
945a-protein pudding, 2c decaf, supps - experiment
145p-protein pudding, 2c decaf, supps - experiment/chilly
4p-Larabar, oz almonds - low energy
630p-2.3m road run
730p-c strawberries, 2 pork carnitas, 2 sl bread, Almond Dream bar, supps - depleted
Throughout day-2 quarts water

Plan: Usually Wednesday is a half-fast day. This week I tried something new: an all-shake day. Hopefully this will keep me from feeling as beat down by Thursday/Friday; it still gives me enough calories for energy (1000 for the day), which I could do via food instead, but this way I can't go into eateateat mode since I'm not eating "real food." On Friday I will do a full fast day if I'm up for it, otherwise I can go half-fast and still land low on calories for the week.

Reality: At 4pm, I felt awful. Tired as shit, in a "I've been staring at these numbers for 10 minutes and they still don't make any sense" way - not good during a busy close day! So with both yoga & a run planned within a couple hours, I ate. When I got home post-run, I again felt pretty depleted. I do not want to walk into NSS depleted tomorrow. So I ate, and was shocked not to feel the eateateat urge. Cool!
Sleep: 8 hours in bed. Woke once at 2am or so, fell back. Dozed in out a lot after that, and alarm woke me at 5. Stupid alarm! I felt good & rested though.

Body: Felt great in AM workout. Lower back muscles got a bit cranky mid-morning, but not disc-y, thought it lasted all day. Felt great to stretch it so thoroughly in yoga.

Brain: I am still doing very well. Today during RDLs I admired the hell out of my arms, forearms all the way up to shoulders. Also, perhaps my collar bones are popping out a little, over by my shoulders? Looked new to me, at least. And finally, my belt seemed a little looser than it used to be. All very nice motivation!

Successfully logged 20 road minutes. They didn't feel awesome, but it made me happy.

Be significant.
-Stephen Covey

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