Wednesday, June 13

5a-Larabar, c reg - half meal 1
6a-2 sl egg bake, Uberbar, coconut milk latte, supps - half meal 1
8a-3.25oz pork jerky*, sm banana, 2c decaf w/ 2T coconut creamer - PWO snack
9a-2c reg - habit
1030a-2c reg - craving/energy boost
12p-stir fry, peach, oz almonds - meal 2
2p-2c decaf - chilled
345p-.5oz almonds, tiny plum - pWO
445p-3.35m run w/ Sarah (bit of a side ache 20 minutes in)
530p-yoga class
645p-salad w/ balsamic, scallops (w/ bacon), tortilla dipped in salsa, few spoonfuls straight coconut butter**, supps - meal 3 + PWO
Throughout day-2.5 quarts water

*Oh Boy! Oberto BBQ Pork's god damned delicious. And one of the few jerkys (jerkies?) that does not contain wheat and soy. (It contains pork, brown sugar, water, salt, tomato paste, spices and natural flavorings, pineapple juice concentrate, vinegar, natural smoke flavor. That's it!!) Find it in every checkout lane at Elden's. Thanks be to my beloved Joy for that insider tip!

**Oops. It's more satisfying than almond/sun/whatever butter, though. Able to stop.

Sleep:  Ugh. 7.25 hours in bed. Woke to a screaming alarm from a pretty deep sleep. Once I got up I felt all right, but it was definitely not enough. Forgot several things at home, very spacey.

Body: Felt fine initially, but the pulls immediately felt way too hard so I backed off. Gold star? Reasoning: performance this morning is not as important as performance tomorrow. Or even performance tonight. Save it for when it matters. And the run & yoga were fan-fuckin-tastic, hells yeah!

Sat for 2.5 hours today, webinar & all-team meeting.

Brain: Bit blah PWO, but I talked myself up out of it and resisted the urge to cut calories following it. Obviously part of my problem is low sleep (which = poor recovery) so a decent dose of AM calories will help boost me through the rest of the day and contribute to a good run (which I moved to happening before yoga, since my priority is a solid performance in the run, not so much in yoga class). And I asked myself, what can I do NOW to improve my day? That answer definitely isn't: stay upset about one slightly lame workout,  now, is it? Get on the right track.

Plus I got some massive perspective from a pregnant coworker who has been told her baby is not going to survive, and future babies are likely to have the same problem. I can't even...I have no words for how sad and awful and unfuckingfair that is. I want to punch fate in the god damn fucking teeth for her. Fucking fuck.

WOD: Fitness.

Think financial fitness. Got a nice chunk of savings laid aside for house emergencies and one for your next major purchase? How far ahead are you on your loan payments? Are you paying off your credit cards in full each month? Do you know your own net worth? You should probably be saving 15% of your pre-tax income for retirement, automatically, from each check. Got kids? Better save even more.

Think mental fitness. Read any books lately? Dig my reading list over there --> and you'll see that I have 5 books in progress, 8 waiting in the wings, and 22 completed so far this year. Can you beat that? I hope you can! The trick may be: turn off your television. And your computer. You might have a family demanding your time, but what about Jan 1-Apr 15 when I had no life whatsoever and still read a ton? Prioritize. Your brain needs to last a loooong time, don't let it turn to mush.

Think emotional fitness. When's the last time you hung out with your significant other, just the two of you? Played with your kids and/or pets? Visited your parents for no reason other than to chat? Your best friend? Your oldest friend? Talk to your sibling(s) lately? When is the last time you received a nice long hug, or even a high five?

Think physical fitness - outside the gym. Can you carry your groceries easily? Easily toss the softener salt into your cart? Shove your couch over to clean under it without effort (ha ha, yeah right, like I would ever do this)? Flip your mattress without breaking a sweat? Race up stairs two at a time just because you can? Does a one-hour hike through the woods sound like exercise  or pure "hot shit, let's go right now" fun?

Fitness: it's not just about pullups and deadlifts, folks. The gym reps matter, yes, but they are only one piece of the puzzle.

To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping.
-Chinese Proverb

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