Tuesday, June 5

545a-2 fr eggs, 4 pork carnitas chunks, 2 sl toast, sm peach, .5c bone broth, c reg, supps - hunger
7a-c reg w stevia & c coconut milk (from a carton, not the good stuff!) - habit/craving
8a-2c reg - habit
930a-3 pork carnitas chunks, stir fry, Larabar, 2c decaf, supps - pWO fuel
12p-personal training
4p-5oz tuna w 2T mustard, s sesame crackers, sm peach, oz almonds, .5oz brain food, supps - PWO restock
630p-5.36m bike ride
7p-shake (greens & reds) - an experiment
Throughout day-2.5 quarts water

9am - felt very gross. Pukey, almost. Went away quickly...a result of the first meal after a 36-hour fast? Not sure. After training, waited to eat until truly hungry. Unlike last Tuesday, when I felt totally depleted & could've eaten my own fists off, I felt fine today. I still wasn't even hungry when I ate at 4, but I didn't want to be eating right before the bike ride...and then I was all eateateateat. Annoying! Fine after that.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, turned in a bit late thanks to RFL captain's meeting last night; up once in wee hours for b/r but fell back quickly, and woke naturally feeling decent. Could have used a little more.

Body: Excellent! Right calf still a bit tight, but I'm not limping anymore, at least! Session felt fabulous.

Realized it's been many days since my lower back hurt when flipping over in bed. Will have to pay closer attention to that. I wonder if it starts getting angry as the week goes on and intensity increases, or if it's intensity + low calories, or what. I should be able to figure that out next week when I eat at maintenance.

Brain: Woke up thinking about what day it was, remembered it was a Dustin day, which I then thought meant Thursday. It was such a slap in the face to realize it's only freaking Tuesday!

A nice moment today: caught sight of my calf as I pivoted and was very impressed. I then found the mirror to more fully admire them. I don't like my belly yet, but I sure do love my baby cows!

Success is not permanent & failure is not fatal.
-Mike Ditka

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