Thursday, June 21

545a-2 fr eggs, s chicken sausage, eggplant & zucchini "hash browns," c reg
7a-c reg w 2T coconut milk
730a-Americano w stevia
945a-5oz tuna w 2T mustard, c stir fry, 2c snap peas, sm plum
12p-personal training
130p-2 hb eggs w 2T mustard on 2 sl toast, c stir fry, sm plum, Larabar
5p-supps (forgot entirely in morning & thus also didn't bring any to work)
5p-1.25m walk in Merrells
7p (rest)-salad (iceberg, cole slaw, green peppers, baby carrots, hb eggs, cukes, French dressing), .5c peas, 6oz steak w shrooms & onions, baked potato w t mustard
830p-T coconut butter
Throughout day-3 quarts water

Still wishing I could make up for Monday. Planned to only fuel training & recovery then skip supper, but the hubster wanted to go out to supper somewhere on the motorcycle. Couldn't turn down that option, given I've hardly seen him in the past week, and it was a beautiful night. At least I hit my veggie intake appropriately today; that had me feeling back on track. Also? Fuck Monday. Let it go. Build a bridge and get the fuck over it, Sabrina.

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed. YEAH, BABY! Crawled in at 845p like a rockstar, woke naturally at 530a. SOLID.

Body: Real good. Trying to throw in some daily walking to give the body just a little sample, just the lightest sniff, of consecutive-day running, to start it off down the path of quick recovery.

Brain: Decent. Still kind of "meh" about work & life, but a step up from the last few days. Luckily I have a three-day weekend coming so that's lifting me up a bit. Session was a little disappointing, tried to focus on pullup success rather than deadlifts or Prowler, but you know me: that's not my default.

So I looked back and found some things that made me feel better about my session - two weeks ago when I did the medium Prowler w/o, I had 1400 calories in my belly walking into NSS. And it was deadlift de-load week. 3 weeks ago, when I successfully pulled the 205 deadlift, I walked in with 1125 calories in my belly. Today? 725. I'll blame that. And think about what to change next week.

Habit: Phrases used today, following "I love my body just as it is right now": -It's pretty fucking strong. -I can do a lot of pullups.

Early today I noticed a bit of a pattern that bugs me: I tend to refer to my body in the third person: It's strong. It's capable. My shoulders look great. My waist looks tiny.  I want to will change that thinking into ownership. I'm strong. I'm capable. I have great shoulders. I have a tiny waist.  That's a subtle but really fucking huge difference.

And yet...when I walked out of my session today, I was certainly ready to internalize my deadlift & Prowler failures as me sucking, not as my body being a bit off, or a cold coming on, or not enough calories in me. I had to give myself a righteous mental slap to stop that line of thought.

I tried out another cheesy positive phrase last night. Look into a full-length mirror (preferably naked). Look yourself in the eye. Say OUT LOUD to your reflection, "I love you, and from now on, I'm going to act like it." That's powerful stuff and I need to be doing more of it.

Priorities: I unsubscribed from FIVE email lists today. That's a little progress! I eschewed my to-do list for a long motorcycle ride & supper out with the hubster. AND at work, I got my first goal done for the year. I still have time to make some progress on my next goal before June close & Lisa's vacation & the 4th of July parade all slam me at once.

WOD: Sleep. Oh, beautiful, wondertastic, best part of my day every day: sleep is the thing that keeps me from going postal. It helps me recover from my many physical exertions, it recharges my brain, it's not something I'll do "when I'm dead," and I don't give a fuck if you think I'm a pussy for needing as much sleep as I do. With 8-9 hours, I wake up (without an alarm clock!) stronger and happier and more energetic than you can imagine. Without it, I'm tired and cranky and unhappy; and given chronic low sleep, I'll fall down into a deep, dark hole of depression that will take me months to climb out of. It's not pretty. Sleep is. Go get yourself some.


I wish we were neighbors so you could help push me to even 1/10th of the amazing things you accomplish!!
-A friend commenting on one of my DailyMile posts. Aww!

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