Sunday, June 3

815a-pizza eggs*, rice tortilla w/ salsa (was going to make pizza burrito, but tortilla sucked), 4 strawberries, Larabar, c reg, supps - craving
8a-c reg w splash coconut milk - craving
11a-c bone broth - experiment
1130a-basement powerlifting fun
2p-2 sl toast w s Sunbutter & sprinkle coconut flakes, .5s sliced almonds, 2s Ultima - low energy
5p(restaurant)-salad w blueberry balsamic, 2 fillets blackened walleye, c steamed broccoli, 2c decaf - anniversary supper
Throughout day-2 quarts water

*2 scrambled eggs, s turkey pepperoni, 10 green olives, .5s fake shredded mozzarella

Sleep: 8 hours in bed. Solid, woke naturally.

Body: Feels good, some glute tightness in am but was fine in workout. Lower back was perfectly happy today, no dancing required. Extra impressive after heavy deads Thursday and Peak yesterday. Peak climb is very much like Prowler push, but with a much better view!

Brain: Good. Bare minimum of chores, enjoyable workout, trip to St Cloud w the hubster, lots of Dan John reading, got some real lifter's chalk, put up another bird feeder...many small things that add up to a very pleasant day.

Quote AND awesome picture:

My goal in life: to start and end every day as excited as this kid. -Rog Law

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