Sunday, June 17

730a-Larabar, few SP chips, can Zevia, 2c reg, supps
10a(restaurant)-2 fr eggs, corned beef hash, 4c reg, bottle diet root beer
12p-2 bags jerky, bag pumpkin seeds, Larabar, 2c decaf w 2T MimicCreme
530p(restaurant)-salad w Italian, 8oz sirloin, baked sweet potato, 3c decaf
Throughout day-quart water

Supper was at Texas Roadhouse. I was rather sad to start since they give you a basket of shiny, butter-topped, delicious-smelling rolls, then progressed to anger that all they had was a gluten-free menu (I know that dairy is hidden EVERYWHERE, I want a full allergen menu, people!), then back to sadness when said menu told me I couldn't get their "famous" ribs, and then back to anger when I couldn't even order a side of fucking vegetables because they were already buttered. Oh yeah, and the mushrooms & onions I wanted on my steak? Sorry, sauteed in butter. Mother. Fuckers!

Worst: when the food delivery came, mine was missing and took a full 5 minutes to show up because they had mistakenly buttered my sweet potato. I sat watching both parents eat the ribs that I wanted, and yes, I flipped off my mother when she said they were delicious. My steak turned out to be quite delicious, but I was all set to never, ever, ever return there, though I never said a word (I avoid confrontations like I do butter).

But then the manager came over and said he wanted to give us my meal for free since I'd had to wait. So, the end result I have is this: don't go there if you have food allergies. But otherwise, DEFINITELY go! Apparently, the ribs are fabulous. (But fuck you for being able to eat them!)

Sleep: 8 hours in bed. Decent, but starting to feel the low-quality sleep.

Body: Good! Upper back a little tight from paddling, no other issues.

Brain: Started good, got to be a long day*, no weekend chores done, finised the day feeling very UGH.

*Drove home from Brainerd, was at home for an hour only, then off to parents' to catch a ride to Sauk Rapids for a visit with Dad's aunt Sister Peter, out to supper with Brian & Jen, then to Luxemburg to see their ginormous (impressive) landscaping job. But all of that meant I didn't even get home until 9pm. Not a good way for me to start the week.


When we are capable of stopping, we begin to see.
-Thich Nhat Nanh

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