Saturday, June 23

515a-2 fr eggs, c zucchini & eggplant hash, c stir fry, s chicken sausage, Larabar, 2c reg w 2T coconut milk
7a-2c reg
8a-4.1m run/walk hill repeats at Warrior Training
930a-fr egg on toast w/ honey mustard, c stir fry, slice toast w/ coconut butter, c reg, supps
1030a-bottle diet A&W
430p-2 chicken breasts, c cole slaw, 2 pickle spears
830p-ton of roasted pork, half a roasted onion*
9p-6 pullups on wooden beam (could've done more, but it hurt my hands) on the bar's porch, just because it was there & I could
11p-bottle caffeine-free diet Coke, bag Cholula jerky, bag pumpkin seeds
Throughout day-2 quarts water

This day fell apart in terms of my initial plans for fasting, due to a lack of sleep. SUCH A LONG DAY. Awake at 430a and to bed at 130a. I drove home from the wedding (Blackduck) since Hop drove there & so he could drink. Drive was over 3 hours, and starting after my usual bedtime. I was in that mode where you close your eyes to blink and just want to keep them closed. Ugh. Needed food to distract/stay awake/fill cravings. Damn it all. Silver lining: it was another good lesson in adaptation.

*We hit the local bar where there was a hog roast after a bike run...we bought in on that action and discovered something genius: they had roasted onions right in with the meat. Just quartered-up onions. They were mad fucking delicious. I was using the big slices as "scoops" for the pork. No sauce, obvs no bread, and nothing was missing. Pure perfection.

Sleep: 6.5 hours. In late (1030) due to sad excitement in town (ambulance, fire & rescue; car fell on a guy working on it, yikes, but I guess he's doing okay) and just wide fucking awake at 430. Tried to fall back but couldn't. Was overheated. Felt okay though this prompted me to eat, not fast.

Body: Bit stiff, otherwise good. Cold seems to be on its way out already?! Run felt GREAT. Wish I'd been able to run all trips up!! Rest of day was sitting, laziness, 6 hours stuffed into the car. Ugh.

Brain: Real good for most of it. Was not as anxious about run as I'd have been going solo, I think. Wedding was fine, kind of boring (few family members came), though it was also nicely relaxing. Bar visit was fun. Got in on a raffle, won 2 tees & a bottle of Bacardi!

Got through a whole bunch more of It Starts With Food.  Thinking about how to incorporate their eating recommendations more and still achieve fat loss.

Habit: Phrases used today, following "I love my body just as it is right now": -The hill repeats were easy. -I have a kickass upper back. -I've got newly visible muscle indents! -I impressed the shit out of the drunks on Funkley's porch.

Priorities: I went to the wedding that was 6 round-trip hours away, purely for the family. I was disappointed at how few others came; clearly I've inherited my father's drive to spend time with family, a trait that's fading amongst the generations. (Hi, I'm 83 years old.) Noble & good & allathat, sure, but sometimes it requires sacrifices, like spending half of a beautiful day inside a car. I guess that's called being an adult, no?

Love is the willingness to accept another person with all of his or her faults and limitations, and to be infinitely grateful that this other person accepts you with all of yours.
-Harold S Kushner

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