Saturday, June 2

6a-2 fr eggs, 3 carnitas ribs, c stir fry veg (all made/reheated in carnitas pan because I am a genius), 6oz blackberries, Larabar, c reg, supps - habit
7a-2c reg - craving
815a-Warrior Training, 2.33m at Inspiration Peak
10a-c reg, bottle diet cherry Pepsi - craving
11a(restaurant)-2 fr eggs, sl ham, American fries (potatoes, green peppers, onions), 4c reg - brunch date
1p-2.14m run at Lake Bountiful
430p-salad w sliced almonds & balsamic, stir fry, 4 carnitas ribs, 4 giant strawberries, Larabar, coconut yogurt w fake granola sprinkles, Almond Dream bar, 2c decaf w stevia & splash coconut milk, supps - hunger that devolved into cravings
At races-2 bottles diet pepsi - cravings
Throughout day-1.5 quarts water

Sleep: In bed 7.5 hours; stayed up until 10 (LATE!) making carnitas (worth it), up for b/r at 3a, up naturally just before 6. Feeling rested.

Body: Feels good though digestive system is recovering from...something. Not even a hint of pain w running, all of that felt great!

Brain: In a good place. Inspiration Peak was freaking amazingly gorgeous, brunch with Amy at Herby's was delightful and delicious, and my impromptu run at Lake Bountiful was simply fantastic despite water logged trail. Races w my pal is good.

He who treads softly goes far.
-Chinese proverb

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