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“Being strong and fit is greater than being skinny and weak!” But consider this: An ideal body image is an ideal body image, and all ideals can be harmful to your psyche.

Why are you still here? Get your ass over there and read some brilliant writing:

One of the comments sounds very much like me:
I am a Type-A personality who is always seeking perfection and this contributes to why I also battle with these ‘ideal’ body images. One thing that I found really helpful was to tell myself “I love my ass. I love my thighs” every time I looked in a mirror for 1 month. The positive affirmations really helped me re-wire my thinking and allowed me to stop the negative self-talk. I need to start doing this again as the little negative b*tch in my head has come back lately. I am starting today!

This is what I need to do. Positive affirmations sound cheesy as hell, but they do work. They worked for me back when Steve posted his habit challenge. It will work again. Just have to actually do it. Consider today to be day 1!!

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