Read This: Molly Galbraith

Good stuff here about priorities:

Makes me think of how much time I (and you, probably) spend online...and how much of that is wasted, useless time (not all of it, no, but let's be honest: most of it)...and how time is the most precious commodity that no one can buy more of, ever, no matter what.

My next concrete steps:
-cull more of my FB "friends" (or at least hide them) whose posts I always ignore
-take the time to unsubscribe to spammy emails
-ignore Twitter (almost everyone's feeds over to FB anyway, no?)
-when I sit down on the computer at home make a mental list of what I'm doing, exactly, and only do that; update Quicken, sure, that's important - but then stay the fuck off Facebook!

Other than wasting time online, I do feel pretty balanced between work time, me time (both physical & mental), family time, friend time, cat time, and volunteer time. That's probably more than most people can say, but I still feel I can make some improvements.

Like moving closer to work. GAWD would I love a shorter commute.

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