Monday, June 4

5a-c reg, supps - habit
6a-c reg w/ stevia - habit
630a-taught class (did warm-up only)
during class & workout-2s Ultima - fasting experiment
8a-2c reg - habit
9a-2c decaf - habit
12p-2c decaf - chilly
3p-2c decaf tea - chilly
530p-15-minute road run 
6p-2s Ultima - due to crampy calf
Throughout day-1.5 quarts water

Another 36-hour fast. Piece of cake pie nothing! No issues doing so. Cold at 1130a like normal, and first hunger pangs were at 1145a. NOTHING in morning!

Sleep: In bed 8 hours. Sleep was holy-shit-hot-damn solid, no waking up in the middle! Woke and thought I had probably another hour, just ready to flip over and burrow down into my pillow, but checked the clock first: 4:51. Shit. Took a couple minutes to reconcile myself to getting up. Felt pretty well-rested physically once I got a couple of hours into the day.

Body: Solid. Felt tight as I did warm-up with class, but a half hour of strolling around was apparently enough to wake me up and get the blood moving, as I felt great during the workout.

Brain: Doing very well! A beautiful morning on which I got to stand in the sun for a half hour making other people work their asses off, happiness with pull-ups, cute outfit, good hair day, all after a relaxing & rejuvenating the busy-ness of close week, I say: bring it on, motherfucker! Hell, I might even post my belly pics soon, that's how good I'm feeling.

Confession: between pulls I did a stretch with my hands up on the bar, dropping the butt back & down, the entire back practically purrs with pleasure...but then I looked in the mirror, and my immediate thought was: YOU ARE A FREAK! My lats looked fucking insanely huge in a very manly way. Not attractive. At all. I actually had the thought: Holy shit. I need to stop this pull-ups obsession. But then I stood normal and decided I am still quite far from freakish manly levels, and the pull-ups addiction can continue as scheduled!

Side tangent for the ladies: want to feel better about your body RIGHT NOW? Google/Images "female bodybuilder" - wow. I mean, WOW. I'd rather look like I do right now, forever, than to look like that. There's the occasional Jamie Eason-style figure athlete in there that looks pretty good, but most of them just look like men. No thanks!

But hey, that's not a trade-off that you or I need to worry about. No one is going to look like that without trying to look like that. Me? I want to look like this:

And really, I'm pretty sure I already do look like that, just have to lose the layer of fat covering up my awesomeness!

"Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be."
-Marsha Petrie Sue

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