Monday, June 18

5a-c reg, supps
6a-c reg w/ stevia
830a-2c reg
930a-2c decaf
10a-c reg
1215p-3.38m run w/ Lisa
330p-afternoon train
7p-salad w balsamic & avocado, 2 sl egg bake w fresh salsa, 3oz almonds, few forkfuls spaghetti sauce, supps
Throughout day-2.5 quarts water

Fast day. Week 1, Cycle 3. After a week in which I averaged 2450 (gulp) I was happy to fast! Briefest of hunger pangs during pulls and then again at 4pm. Got chilled just before I changed to run. No chance of getting chilly after that!

At home, I was dog fucking tired. Battled the urge to eat...failed...can I claim to be doing the Warrior Diet this week?

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed. In bed late due to Father's Day adventures, and up early due to class. Felt it. Tired.

Body: Digestive system back on track after the weekend of supplements getting effed up. Need to work on backing those down and having it work properly on its own.

Felt pretty good moving around during class (just did warmup, then walking back & forth [outside]) and then I knocked out every single set of 4 pulls, with no hanging-rest-kip required.  HOLY SHIT did that ever kick ass! Next up: 8 sets of 5.

Had planned to do track class after work, but with all my weekend chores left undone and my ridiculously early bedtime, I talked myself into a noon run instead. At least I got to share it with my running bestie! Got hot and we walked a few minutes of it, but otherwise it was great. Painless!

Some sitting today: 2 hours in meetings, 1 hour at desk.

Dustin: Need to address how to ease into my training for Ragnar, specifically in regards to the super short recovery time. I have some ideas, just in case I forget please remind me.

Brain: Tired to start, not wanting to come teach or work or do any-damn-thing but get my laundry done & food made or just plain go back to bed. But then those 40 pullups made my fucking DAY!

However, it's getting kind of depressing to read Joy's 5/3/1 training log. She's so thoroughly kicking ass and I'm feeling like I'm...not. Like I'm just maintaining, but that's about it. Which may or may not be true, I have no idea, but my running is progressing, my pullups are progressing, my body comp is progressing, and that's where my focus is and should be right now. If I want to do Ragnar, and god damn do I ever, then I have got to prioritize. I cannot Do All The Things!

WOD: Run. This one is self-explanatory, no?

Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still.
-Chinese proverb

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