Friday , June 15

530p-3 egg bakes, Larabar, 2c reg w 2T coconut cream, supps
11a-3.25 oz jerky, 20oz diet Pepsi
12p-20oz diet cherry Pepsi
130p (restaurant)-12 honey bbq wings, 2c celery, diet pepsi
330p-1.5m (?) walk/run in mosquito-infested park
430p-way too many mixed nuts
9p (restaurant)-pork carnitas and "salad" w pico & guac*, diet Pepsi

*What to eat in a Mexican restaurant: pork fajita, minus the tortilla, sour cream, & cheese, and add some guacamole. Perfection!!!

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed. Felt great!

Body: Felt great! AM workout went really well, perhaps due to my bestie being there. Ran maybe 5 in the park to get away from Mosquito Central (pretty sure the entire state's mosquito population comes from here) in Vibrams and it felt SO GOOD. Upper back a bit tight at supper time.

Brain: Awesome. Girls' weekend, do I need to say more?


All that glitters is not gold.
-Who the hell knows?

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