Wednesday, May 23

430a-c reg, supps
530a-c reg w stevia & T coconut fat - habit
630a-taught class, did warm-up only
830a-2c decaf w/ stevia
845a-c reg
945a-2c decaf
12p(restaurant)-salad (iceberg, 2 grape tomatoes, 3 cuke slices, T Italian dressing), steak stir-fry, chicken stir-fry, 3c decaf, supps - meeting
345p-s tilapia*, salad**, sm apple, oz almonds, supps - hunger
Throughout day-2 quarts water

Half-fast day. No breakfast, no supper. Would've attempted another full-fast day but had a lunch meeting.

*When I made the tilapia on Sunday, I diced up some bacon into the same pan. Doesn't add many calories per serving but packs in a whole lotta flavor (along with Garlic Garlic & Onion Onion of course)!

**This week's salad: carrots, cauliflower, red & yellow & orange bell peppers, celery, and baby bok choy. Crunchy flavorful goodness that kicks the ass of any & every stupid flavorless iceberg salad.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed. Up at 2a for b/r, h/s/g. Wide awake at 4a, got up at 430a. Feeling good, though wary of an afternoon crash. Another reason to avoid an all-out fast day.

Body: Stiff initally but felt fine once I got moving. Realized I was plenty tight during class warm-up, but the workout felt great. Discovered low-back tightness at yoga, which felt wonderful.

Brain: I am feeling great. No issues whatsoever.

At LAPW meeting today, I was confirmed as the Treasurer for next year (Jul-Jun). Yay me!


Your mind works best when it's open.
-Stephen Covey

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