Wednesday, May 2

5a-c reg, c Natural Calm, supps
6a-c reg w/ 2T coconut milk
630a-taught class (did 8 OH presses, minute of plank-on-ball, minute conditioning only - gold star!)
730a-2c reg
10a-can diet Pepsi
12p(Doolittles)-Cobb salad, 2 diet Pepsi
4p-protein shake (s choco protein & c almond milk), 3oz almonds, supps
Throughout day: 2.5 quarts water.

Plan: fast 'til supper. Reality: small group lunch at noon w/ the CFO. So I ate then, and again at 4pm.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed. Terrible. Remember how I overate last night? Woke almost exactly 8 hours later, h/s/g. Remember how I said I have no reason to overeat? Yeah. I'm a fast learner. What surprises me though is that supper was almost all protein & fat, one little apple was the only carb source. Weird. I also had an awful dream about Jack, where he came to the tax firm, and I thought nothing of it, and then after he left a coworker said, "I thought he died." And then I woke up crying. Alarm woke me and I was still very tired. Yeah, great way to start the day, isn't it?

Body: Feeling okay, overall fatigue, but nothing specific. Knee/shin feels nothing. Cold improving. Left work 15 minutes early, so I took a barefoot walk 'round the block before yoga. Nice. Totally depleted post-yoga. though. Really debated eating, but promised myself a glorious breakfast if I stuck to my plan.

Brain: Not a good start thanks to the terrible sleep. But class was fun, introduced trapbar deadlifts, OH presses, and "Joy's Chest Press" - which they loved of course! And also, super cute outfit, half new, looks good, giving me a nice boost.

Boston pics have been posted: find 'em here!


Love. It.
Hanging up at the MIT museum.

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