Wednesday, May 16

445a-fr egg, 2 sl toast, 2 pork ribs, c reg, supps - normal breakfast
545a-almond milk latte, Larabar
630a-taught class; did warm-up & finisher (half-Tabata mountain climbers)
845a-Larabar, sm apple, 2c reg - PWO snack
1230p-salad w/ balsamic, 5oz tuna w/ onion crackers & mustard, can Zevia, supps - normal hunger
345p-3.25oz honey bbq jerky, oz almonds, s onion crackers, supps - big-time cravings :(
530p-biked to school, ran 15 minutes, biked to City Park, biked back from City Park
9p-c senna tea
Throughout day: 2 quarts water

Sleep: Awesome. 8 hours in bed, woke once or twice but fell right back. Up at 445a before alarm, feeling rested. Awesome.

Body: Decent. Tight posterior chain, but no issues doing RDLs, they felt awesome. Left Achilles is oddly tight, persisted all day. Lower back tightened up a bit PWO but didn't last. Achilles felt better at bedtime after all the biking/running.

Afternoon meeting = sat for 1.5 hours.

Brain: Good. Busy day: helping with Relay for Life lunch fundraiser, team lunch, team culture event, all-team meeting, bike/run/bike, Ragnar team meeting...whew!

Found a sweet recipe site: - paleo recipes for your slow cooker. Yee haw!

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