Tuesday, May 8

515a-fr egg, s chicken sausage, grapefruit, c reg, supps
630a-c reg, stevia, T coconut milk
7a-2c reg
10a-bag peas, curry fish stew, Larabar, 2c half-caff w/ stevia, supps
12p-personal training
6p-grapefruit, 2 sl toast w/ SF jelly, c raw strawberries, crunchy creamy red dessert (c strawberries, c rhubarb, 2T coconut milk, cinnamon, handful fake granola), supps
Throughout day: 2.5 quarts water

I planned to eat between training and swimming, but I was waiting to do so until I got hungry...I did not get hungry. Interesting! (This is my plan for meal 3 all week, wait until hungry before eating.)

I say god damn: the BANANA BREAD LARABAR tastes just like actual banana bread! I found this at Elden's. I am inclined to go back and buy the whole damn box. Tried Coconut Cream Pie as well, which was also great, but not OMG I'M SHOUTING ABOUT THIS great.

And also, full-fat coconut milk (from a can, left solidified, not mixed back into the coconut water) is heaven on a spoon. For real. It's neck-and-neck with thick-cut maple bacon. Ooooh, perhaps I should make some maple bacon ice cream using coconut milk? Next week is maintenance week; there may just be room for such a delectable dessert!

Sleep: 8 hours in bed. Wide awake before 5, tried to fall back, couldn't. Solid, though, feeling well-rested.

Body: Good. No issues or aches or pains or anything. Cool!

Brain: Good. Day 6 of close, unusually smooth and thus extremely awesome. Great mood!

Not a direct quote, but bear with me: on The Paleo Solution Podcast they did a testosterone-focused podcast last month, and he received some comments asking for a similar podcast for women. He said it is easy to knock out 40 minutes on testosterone, but to cover female hormones in the same way, he’d need 200 hours. Ha! And also: boo. Why must our bodies be so much more complicated?

And here's another one for those of you females who experience the monthly affliction, this one from Greg Everett on the same podcast: program your de-load week to coincide with your cycle, so that you're backing off at the same time that you always feel rotten. Genius! (Or here's a tip from me: get the IUD. It's even more amazing than bacon. I mean that.)

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