Tuesday, May 29

615a-fr egg, pork carnitas, 2 sl toast, micro cake, c reg, supps - normal breakfast
730a-c reg w/ stevia - habit
830a-2c reg - habit
10a-Larabar, oz almonds, sm apple, supps - pWO energy
12p-personal training
130p-s tilapia, 2c raw veg, oz almonds, sm apple, supps - PWO restock, felt depleted
645p-pork carnitas, 2c asparagus, micro cake, oz brain food, 2c decaf, supps - hunger/bit o' cravings
Throughout day-2.5 quarts water

Sleep: 9.5 hours in bed. Hot damn, and on a school night even! In bed by 845p, took a while to fall asleep, wide awake at 2am for b/r, felt like I was awake a good half hour, woke naturally about 545a but dozed in/out until Clyde tromped across me at 615a. Got up feeling a bit slow & groggy.

Body: Stiff legs at home in morn, but otherwise pretty good. Low back a little bit cranky at desk in am.

Prowler killed me dead in session. The last damn thing I wanted to eat was my healthy fish & salad (with NO DRESSING even, I ran out!), really wanted to justify two Larabars instead, but I reminded myself that I need plenty of quality vitamins & minerals, not just any old calories. I also hit the water hard, and I felt TONS better by 4pm. Not enough to make me want to go biking in the crazy wind, or swimming, or even running (especially to change for only a 5-minute cruise), so I postponed that til tomorrow. Foam rolled at home instead, after supper.

Brain: Good! After a three-day weekend, ready for a little bitty 4-day work-week!

BOOK OFFER: I nabbed The Paleo Solution back from my mom. Anyone want to borrow it?

Boston Bound Sabrina is making her come back!!!
-Brett Larson
Made. My. WEEK.

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