Tuesday, May 15

530a-2 fr eggs, 2 sl bacon, 2 sl toast, sm apple, c reg, supps - normal breakfast
645a-almond milk latte
730a-2c reg
945a-2oz almonds, sm apple, supps - normal hunger
12p-personal training
230p-2 ribs, salad w/ balsamic, sm apple, supps - pre-emptive, not hungry really, but had meeting 3-430
545p-3.13-mile bike ride
630p-2 fr eggs, 2.5 sl bacon, 2 sl toast, plain cooked rhubarb scooped w/ cinnamon crackers*, sm apple, supps - more habit than hunger
Throughout day - 2 quarts water

*Filled a "chips and salsa" type crunch & muscle movement!

Sleep: In bed 8 hours. Took a bit to fall asleep, but was 100% solid when I did, finally. Woke about 430, dozed for an hour, up without alarm. God damn, what a difference that makes for me.

Body: Feel good, well-rested. Lower back a touch tight getting out of bed, but normal by the time I made breakfast.

Was feeling rather drained at bedtime. Crawled in at 845!

Brain: Good place.

Dustin question: been reading Dan John's free book on Kindle, finally. And I quite adore him. Plenty of sarcastic smart-assery, ranks him up there with all of my real-life-favorites. Anyway, he writes (here, tip 1 on pg 2) about working on his front squats from a dead stop at the bottom, the sticking point. Would that translate to pullups as well, starting pulls from that 1/3-from-the-top? Or is that not likely to accomplish much?

Moderation is for sissies.
-Dan John
 (See why I like him?)

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