Thursday, May 24

6a-fr egg, 2.5 sl bacon, dinner roll, pineapple coconut micro cake, c reg, supps - normal breakfast plus extra carbs for poor sleep
7a-c reg w/ stevia, T coconut fat - high day indulgence
8a-2c decaf w/ 2T coconut creamer - ditto
915a-tilapia, oz brain food, med apple, 2c reg, supps - pWO energy/craving
12p-personal training
3p-salad w/ balsamic, med apple, oz almonds, 2c half-caff, supps - habit
6p(restaurant)-2 thin pork chops, c plain broccoli - meeting meal
8p-1.5oz mixed nuts, 2c decaf w/ SF syrup - craving
Throughout day-3 quarts water

High day, eat all 4 meals; added extra carbs due to rotten sleep but was hard to strike the balance of how much I needed (about what I ate) vs how much I wanted (definitely more than what I ate). Especially tough when not knowing what I'd be fed for supper. And then after supper, I was snacky and couldn't resist the nuts. But I did read many labels before I found a reasonable-serving-sized small bag that wasn't over 500 calories!

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, but bad. Wide awake ~3-4a, no idea why, but literally felt like I could get up for the day at that point. Managed to fall back, but in/out 5a onward thanks to cats.

Body: Very tight in am, particularly low back, but decent once I got moving. Felt awful ~830a, that h/s/g feeling. Slammed a bunch of cold water, visited Heather to check out her finger-slicin', felt normal again.

Sat on stool 10a onward since I was feeling so tired. Energized at session, and continued to feel good, had energy all eve even though I didn't get home until late.

Brain: Tired & cranky. I know this is all due to sleep. And I know I simply need to be careful to eat enough without going overboard, be sure I'm hydrated, eliminate any extra stress from the day, and get my ass into bed as early as possible...bad day to attend a supper meeting in St Cloud.

Little depressed at the too-small jeans I'm wearing; I do think perhaps they are fitting a tiny bit better, but it's hard to judge; sure didn't look any better in the picture. Though I'm looking at the pictures on the camera, hard to spot any subtle differences when it's that small. Anyway, it might be smarter to only try them on at the end of each 4-week cycle, not weekly. I thought "feeling fat" weekly might be motivation to stick to the diet plan, but it also has the possibility to send me downhll. Too often, looking bad → feeling bad → comfort food...whereas looking good → feeling good → confidence & motivation to keep doing what's working. Maybe I can take the picture weekly and then actually wear something else. Hmm. So many mental tricks to this journey!

After training, I felt awesome. I mean, BRAND FUCKING NEW PERSON. Even with the ripped-up hands. Perhaps it just gave me a sense of bad-assery again? Whatever, however, I'll take it! Getting ready for bed sucked, though. Water burns.

Quote Awesome picture:

My delicate, ladylike hands.

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