Sunday, May 27

830a-2c reg w stevia, supps
1130a-2 fr eggs, 2.5 sl bacon, 2 dinner rolls, micro cake, oz brain food, 2c reg, supps - cravings/tired
215p-basement powerlifting fun
6p-salad w/ balsamic, luau burger w T bbq sauce, 3oz venison bacon, 2 sm apples, supps - cravings/hunger
7p-2s sliced almonds, 2.5s cinnamon crackers, 2c decaf w/ cinnamon - more effing cravings
8p-taste-testing carnitas
Throughout day-1.5 quarts water

Planned fast day, but cravings +  not feeling great = ate lunch. Went big & filling, intending it to be my only meal of the day. (And felt miserable afterward. Too much food!) But then I was craving again at suppertime, so I ate again. And then had dessert. Cravings galore, ugh!

Sleep: 8 hours in bed. I stayed up crazy-late (midnight!) reading, hit b/r at 530, and managed to fall back. Got up at 8a, when Clyde started messing with the little heart-shaped wall hanging which then landed ON MY HEAD. Little fucker! NOT feeling well-rested.

Body: Tight. Achey. Bleah. Sat on couch almost all morning, reading. Ate lunch to get some energy, then paid bills while I waited to lift. (Unlike many others, I find this so much fun! Two reasons: first, accountants love to reconcile things; second, we are nowhere near rich, but I get to watch our net worth climb thanks to my militant obsession with retirement savings...and our lack of children. Kids be spendy, yo.)

Anyway, lifting felt great. Sore lats. No taping required for calluses, already the exposed skin is tough enough to handle pressure (though not abrasion). Slight odd tightness in hip flexors after squats but it went away. I think TGUs were the low-back-angerer last week, as the core felt shocked after those today, in a "What the fuck did you just do to me?" kind of way. More dancing required, this time to "Smack That" - better than Bieber.

The only improvement would have been someone more interesting to chat with than Oscar. He hasn't listened to the latest Carolla, nor does he wax poetic about the magic of coconut.

Also...I am absolutely seeing fat loss progress. It's subtle, but it's definitely there. Legs, arms, even a teensy bit in the belly. YEAH!

Brain: Rather bleah in morning, grateful for a completely-at-home-and-alone-to-boot day. Happy the races were canceled, even. Even though I have had a wonderful week and yesterday was damn near perfection - I really needed a day with no people in order to fully recharge.

Watched videos 3 & 4 of Mike T Nelson's series and picked up some new things. He totally copied me on the 4 meals/day thing, but otherwise it's good stuff regarding protein, carb timing, and micronutrients. I wrote down: deplete the body of energy, not nutrients [for fat loss]. A good thing to remember when wanting to turn to fake-food crap in order to keep calories down. I especially liked the mental aspect of the 4th video, particularly these risks: running out of decision-making capability (Dan John's shaving cream analogy), going balls-out initially at an unsustainable pace (this sounded vaguely familiar?), and the "all or nothing"/afraid of failure mentality (totally new concept to me...that there is any other way to think, that is!).

Adopt a winning attitude that understands you will fail but allows you to achieve your goals.
-Jim Wendler

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