Sunday, May 20

645a-2 fr eggs,4 sl bacon, 2 sl toast, micro cake w T coconut milk, c reg, c reg w stevia, supps - normal breakfast plus cravings
1145a-basement powerlifting
1p-fr egg, 2 sl bacon, 2 blueberry muffins, sm apple, c reg, c reg w/ T coconut fat, supps - normal hunger
6p-2 beef/pork burgers, 4 sl bacon, 1/4c crushed pineapple, c asparagus & red pepper, sm apple, supps - time/habit
Throughout day - 2.5 quarts water

Three larger meals. Total cravings fought at breakfast, but felt great at lunch, though perhaps because I had already planned a big ol' carb indulgence. Supper was all about BACON and thus highly satisfying.

Sleep: In bed 7.5 hours. Fell asleep late, choppy in am, cats started stomping on me at probably 530a, up at 630a. Feel fine, but not going to attempt any ambitiousness besides lifting.

Body: Right knee a bit sore. Commence freakout.

No, just kidding. I shut down any emotional response and took a "wait and see" approach, which means "wait and see what Dustin says" more so than "wait a day to see what happens." Whatever works, right?

Lower back got a bit unhappy during workout, possibly exacerbated by Turkish get-ups & bench. Almost skipped deadlifts but instead I just loosened up a bit beforehand (danced to some Bieber...I wish that was a joke...or a euphemism...but it's the sad, shameful truth) and was extra super duper laser focused on form. It went well!

Also did 3 sets of 5 top-third pulls in the afternoon. Able to do them deadleg, even!

Brain: I think I'd give up on running if I didn't have me a chief to tell me what to do and pull me back from the cliff over and over. Recovering from injuries is fucking exhausting to this pea-brain.

But today was fine, I survived by keeping busy: paid bills, set up new printer, did laundry, lifted, cleaned the bathroom, made salads & fish for the week...not too bad!


A picture is worth 1000 words.

Perhaps this one can tell you why Sabrina is in a much better mood these days.

And also, possibly, why Sabrina was injured in the first place? That spike to 34 is due to logging three weekday runs (M/W/F) plus a long Sunday run - rather than a long run ONLY in the two prior weeks. Perhaps recovery time between runs is the issue for me. (Even more than it already was? GAH.)

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