Saturday, May 26

545a-6oz ham, micro cake, 2c reg, T coconut fat, supps - normal breakfast
8a-Warrior Training
930a(restaurant)-meat lovers scramble, hashbrowns, 3c reg, supps - planned breakfast date
11a-2c decaf - chilly
12p-bottle diet A&W - craving
1p(restaurant)-Subway salad (spinach, chicken, tomatoes, cukes, black olives, green peppers, banana peppers, Sweet Onion Teriyaki sauce), diet Coke - planned date with Emma
4p-2c decaf w T coconut fat
530p-10 ribs - as planned, BEST MEAL EVER
715p-sm apple, micro cake, 2c decaf caramel vanilla tea, supps - craving
830p-2c decaf w T coconut fat
Throughout day-2 quarts water

Sleep: 8 hours in bed. Couldn't sleep in, though I tried.

Body: Great! No pains at all while running or participating in the rest of class. Really feeling excellent today.

Brain: Also great! Training was fun, breakfast with Lisa, Joy, & Rob was excellent, hanging with Emma was awesome. Had hoped I'd have time for an afternoon nap, but no dice. Vegged on couch instead.

RibFest: Deserves its own highlight. Pretty much the bestest meal ever. EVER. I ate 10 ribs, I think, for sure two more than dad. And Massman's ribs were mother-fucking AMAZING. Then of course I came home jonesing for sweets, damn it all.

But now I want to become a professional rib-judger. There are rib contests all over the place, I MUST HIT THEM ALL. Here's what I could find in MN...for sure gotta hit Eagle Bend & Sauk Centre!!
June 6-9: Fargo
June 30: Eagle Bend
July 14: Luverne
July 26-28: Cass Lake
August 2-5: Mankato
August 11: Brainerd
September 8: Sauk Centre

Me, to Brian Klug, regarding his incredible 13.45 miles at a 7:36 pace: Someday, I want to be half as awesome as you.
Brian: @Sabrina, if you were half as awesome as me, you would only be a quarter awesome as you are now.
A fucking awesome compliment wrapped up in MATH. Love that guy!

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