Recipe: Carnitas

Stovetop Pork Carnitas, from The Clothes Make the Girl

If the picture alone isn't enough to induce you to make it, (a) you're a fool, but also (b) read this, remembering that I am a self-crowned Pork-Loving Queen:

I made it on Sunday night, and I sampled and sampled and sampled as it cooked nearer and nearer to finished. Even though it was 8pm and I had already overeaten for the day. It was irre-fuckin-sistible.

When it was ready, I removed the pork from the pan, scraped out all the drippings with a fork and ate them straight out.

As I sampled the bits and ate pure pan drippings, I kept thinking, "I should share this with Joy or Heather or Dustin" because it was that god damned good and yet...I'm sorry, my dears, but I simply could not bring myself to share because it was that god damned good.

It's actually pretty easy to make, and it even works out when your package labeled "pork roast" turns out to be ribs instead, the closest thing you have to cayenne pepper is Tastefully Simple's Sweet Bell Pepper Dip Mix, and your lemon and lime juice bottles have embarassing "use by" dates.

Go make it yourself.


Then bring over a sample, if you're not a selfish little bitch like me.

Stovetop Pork Carnitas, from The Clothes Make the Girl

UPDATING to add that I made it a second time, but knowing it would be awesome and I still wouldn't want to share, I did a double batch! This time I again had a pack of ribs (lesson: keep an eye on the kids working in the butcher shop!), but also an actual roast. I managed to buy cayenne pepper, but still had the old juices (hey, they worked last time). And finally, I had no garlic powder but I subbed in Tastefully Simple's Garlic Pepper Seasoning for that & the pepper. Once again, it turned out freaking delicious: I couldn't stop sampling as it cooked down, and I've eaten it many times, and I'm not-so-secretly hoping my husband doesn't find the last portion in the fridge today!

UPDATING again: you can be lazy and make this in a slow cooker. You can even skip the browning pre-work. Just throw everything in the pot, turn it to low, and walk away for a good 24 hours. (My deal is usually to make it after supper one night, and it's ready the next night.) You'll get more of the crusty carmelized deliciousness the longer it cooks. You can cook down the juices at the end if you like, just crack the cover open and turn to high (though stay close) - or save the juice as a base for your next pork adventure.