Friday, May 24

5a-2 fr egg, luau burger, sm apple, c reg, supps - normal breakfast
630a-c reg w/ T coconut fat - habit
8a-plain Americano - habit
930a-s tilapia, salad w/ balsamic, sm apple, Larabar, supps - pWO energy
2p-biked to/from NSS
Throughout day-2 quarts water

Plan was a full-day fast again, but another night of poor sleep changed my plans to eating first two meals in order to fuel a solid workout. Why fasting again? Because tomorrow I have three very indulgent meals planned: breakfast with my Warriors, lunch with my godchild Emma, and supper at RibFest with the parents. Bitchin'! Anyway, hungry at 6pm only. And a little bit tired by then, too, though still not dragging ass like expected. Curled up with two kitties and a book!

Sleep: 7 hours in bed. It was solid, but nowhere near enough. Couldn't sleep past 5a. Had a leisurely breakfast and read extra to ease me into the day slowly. Felt good but am planning to make sleep a tip-top priority this weekend.

Body: Feels great!

Brain: Feels great!

Quote Awesome picture:
Admire the shirt, ignore the fuzzy hair. Tender skin prevented gel usage!

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