Friday, May 18

545a-fr egg, 2.5oz venison bacon, 1 sl toast, 2 cookies, c reg, supps - normal breakfast
730a-Americano w/ SF syrup
10a-2 cookies, sm apple, 2c decaf w/ stevia - to fuel the workout
145p-2oz almonds - true hunger
2p-bike to/from NSS
6p-oz venison jerky, .5oz cashews, 2c asparagus, cranberry/almond/coconut cookie, supps - true hunger
7p-banana coconut cake topped w/ slivered almonds - purely emotional
Throughout day - 3 quarts water

Sleep: 8 hours in bed. Pretty solid. Woke at 530a sharp without an alarm again, but today I felt very rested.

Body: Just a bit of lower-back tightness. This is really quite good, considering yesterday's beat down. Hooray!

Shins are full of deadlift bruises, scratches from ditch cleaning, and feet are puffy...I'm hot stuff today, let me tell ya!

Brain: Much improved over yesterday. At least, it was until my husband ditched me for the night to go drinking with his buddies when I was expecting date night. I almost ate another cookie, but stopped myself, figuring I'd end up eating them ALL. Instead, I made the micro cake which I knew would be more calories than one cookie, but would definitely satisfy me.

I calculated out the calories in those cookies I made...about 175 apiece. I was at 100 apiece in my head. Damn! On the other hand, perhaps all those calories are why I felt so good today?

The life you desire has more to do with what you get rid of than what you keep.
-Stephen Covey

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