Thursday, April 19

7a-2 fr eggs, 2sl bacon, packet Sunbutter, handful cocoa almonds, 3c reg, supps
1030p-bottle diet Pepsi
1p-mound of fries, chicken wings, can diet Pepsi
4p-bunch of coconut macaroons, bunch of trail mix
730p-2 mini pizzas, bunch of chips, bunch of macaroons, bit of trail mix, 2 hard ciders, crystal light, supps

Sleep: 8 hours in bed but could have used a couple more. Covered window with blanket but still wide awake at 645. Tired.

Napped 5-7.

Rehab: feels okay. Did a lot more walking today, sent the parents off on their own so perhaps I would stop wanting to shake my mother for her pained feet, knees, and hip.

Acne: thank you Joy for the Bye Bye Blemish which is helping quite a bit.

Ate a metric ton today...finally felt like "vacation eating"! Hop & I tracked down a Whole Foods today and GD, I would LOVE one of these near home. So freaking many options for me, I spent $55 and easily could have doubled that. Bought pizza fixings and some snacks like Arctic Zero, cookies, and chips that are called Beets and Sweets-Joy knows what these are!!

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