Sunday, April 22

9a-fr egg & 2.5sl bacon w/ honey mustard on 2 sl GF toast, 2c reg, supps
10a-trail mix, bbq pork jerky, almond crackers
3p-salad, Larabar
6p (tax firm party)-2 lobster tails, 2 small filet mignon w/ splash A1, small baked potato, fresh fruit (strawberries, mango, grapes)

Um, someone decided to finish off all the vacation food so that it was gone for the new week. Always a genius move.

Sleep: 9 hours in bed. Slept fairly well, up at 6 for bathroom but fell back for more. Got up with a nice, full stuffed head, though right ear is back to "normal" in a cold sense.

Took a short nap, 1-3.

Rehab: No issues.

Acne: Ton of small wh blemishes, but no cysts. Perhaps the difference between large quantities of dairy/grains and the small insidious amounts in sauces, etc.

Misc: Returning from vacation sucks. So much to do!

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