Saturday, April 21

630a-2 fr eggs, GF pizza crust as toast, 2 sl pepperoni, 3 donut holes, sweets and beets chips3c reg, supps
9a-Americano w SF syrup
1030a-trail mix, bottle diet coke
12p-salad w/ chicken breast & no dressing, bunch of macaroons, bottle diet coke, crystal light
6p-pork chop, asparagus, c applesauce, 2 hard ciders

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed but slept HORRIBLY. Couldn't fall asleep, woke a million times. Cold causing sinus drainage and a restless flopping husband and stupid bright city lights and needing to be up early for our cab.

Rehab: knee is back to feeling fine even with all of yesterday's walking. Cool!

Long god damn day. Started out great after finding a quiet area with footrests in Boston airport. But on the descent into Milwaukee, my right ear wouldn't pop. It hurt so fucking badly that I was crying, no joke. 3 hours in Milwaukee were miserable. Ear improved a bit but still hurt.

On ascent of leg 2, I plugged ear with finger and it still hurt so I pulled it out and THEN it felt like I was being stabbed with blunt spoons. I could hear the noise of shifting pressures and I was half certain my eardrum was going to blow right the fuck up. I'd rather have a broken thumb again! I'm quite impressed that the f-bombs I was screaming in my head were not unleashed.

Needless to say: I was a rotten traveling partner. I avoided whining but I was silent and sullen fo' sho'.

Carolla show worth staying up so late but GD I was ready to be home. Luckily the hubster spoils me like crazy and happily drove.

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