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Letting Go of the Fat Loss Mindset
If you’ve been training and eating specifically for fat loss for an extended period of time (and you don’t have much excess body fat to lose), then it might be time to let go of the fat loss mindset.

Over the next week I urge you to be conscious of your thoughts and what you say about, and to, yourself. How do you talk to yourself when you’re trying on clothes? What do you say when you see yourself in pictures? Do you have more positive or negative self thoughts?

Do you constantly think about, and train and eat (or not eat) for, fat loss?

Once you’re aware of these thoughts, it will be much easier to address them.

She's definitely talking to me.

She might also be talking to you.

The past 18 months has been about fat gain for me, even though every fucking day I think about fat loss. But I made progress while training for the powerlifting meet, when I stopped thinking about fat loss so damn much and instead focused on powerlifting and had fun learning & progressing in every single training session.


My sources say no.

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