Monday, April 23

5a-c reg, supps
6a-c reg w/ splash light coconut milk
8a-2c reg
130p-2c sugar plum spice tea
7p-fr egg, s chick saus, 2 sl toast, microwave cake, 2c decaf

Fasting. Day 1 of no-more-excuses plan! Not even using the cold as an excuse. HARDCORE DIET TIME IS HERE. Suck it up, Buttercup!

Except I was going to go all day. Buttercup did not suck it up.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed. 1 Nyquil. Solid, though up at 3a for b/r. Woken by alarm, too. Ugh. Went home early and napped from 4-6. Probably a bad idea for falling asleep tonight, but I was damn near falling asleep while driving home.

Cold: Head is packed full, right ear is plugged again. I pretty well feel like shit. Picked up some DayQuil & cough drops mid-day, and that deflated the stuffed head a little bit.

Pulls: I did one, was going to just do a whole big bunch of singles, and then I forgot. Seriously thick brain fog this morning. No travel advised.

Rehab: Feels fine. During class, did some calf raises, squats w/ bar, third-world squat (just holding static at squat bottom), downward dogs. Could feel hip flexors fatiguing in squats (wtf?) and dogs were just an effort to get my right ear to pop. Failed. Felt quite crappy.

Test scheduled today for compartment syndrome: no test took place. They did x-rays of both lower legs, and it turns out my BONES are the trouble. They show “stress reactions” in both fibulas (the smaller of the two bones) which means that there are outer layers built up a bit in certain places that, in theory, were in danger of becoming actual stress fractures. (Left more than right, oddly.) So the pain is my body’s way of saying, “Knock it off, stop running, you’re about to break something.” Smart body, eh?

What causes it? Too much intensity (wtf, my running intensity is pretty damn low compared to a lot of runners), poor diet (dairy avoidance may mean I don’t get enough calcium), physical inactivity (bitch, please), genetics (thanks, mom), poor bone formation during the teen years (check done) – many possible factors.

Doctor saw no reason to do any further testing because he didn’t think they’d offer much more information. His prescription is to do things that don’t hurt until I can run again. Then when I can run again without pain, ease in slowly. Which is exactly what I figured I’d have to do. So, I tried running a few steps on the treadmill today, no go. Elliptical worked, but OMG shoot me boring. I’m going to get my bike to TS so I can tool about on that until I am back on my feet.

Also, thinking of going Whole30 again for a spell to cut all junk outta my diet and reintroduce boatload of calcium-containing greens. Maybe take me a week or two of low-cal eating first to adjust the brain. Or perhaps I'll make the high-cal days Whole30. Still debating.

Also, they weighed me at the doctor's office: 145 point something. CRINGE.

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-Foster C McClellan

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