Wednesday, March 28

445a-fr egg, sl beef bacon, roasted veg, c reg, supps
6a-almond milk latte
630a-taught class
730a-1.5c half-caff w/ 2T coconut creamer
945a-chicken leg & thigh, orange, can Zevia, 1.5c half-caff, supps
12p (LAPW meeting)-salad (iceberg, baby carrots, cukes, grape tomatoes, sunflower seeds, French dressing), 2c reg
430p-2T almond butter, .5s coconut flakes, oz almonds, supps

Felt better at yoga than I have in ages. First time in ages that I didn't walk in with 1-2 workouts under my belt & not having eaten in 2 hours. Coincidence? I'd guess no. At home, I was hungry again at 730pm, but I wasn't craving anything, so I just jumped in the shower and by the time I went to bed, I was just fine again.
Pulls: 7, 7, 7 (at home), 4 wide-grip (in Well)

Sleep: 7 hours in bed. Solid until I woke for b/r at 3am, dang it, then off/on after that. Felt decent.

Rehab: PT in morning plus bonus stretching during class. I skipped the afternoon train because I figured that even 20 minutes of walking might piss it off further. That's pathetic!

My brother's solution to Boston: get in a wheelchair, have someone push me. I nominated Hop. He said he's up for it. Friend on FB said Hop & Brian should tag-team it. Works for me! I'll run the camera.

Habit: Dressed to look good today. Had a little "JC, I fucking look pregnant" moment this morning, but it went away. But then at yoga I kept staring at Sarah's flat stomach, and, well, perfect body. I'm never going to look like that, though, no matter what I do. Accept it, brain.

Misc: Bright spot: in my drawer, a sampling of Joy's Homemade Almond Butter. LOVE that chica.

Another bright spot: a text from Hop that he would be home tonight. Yay!

Happiness: Based on this blog post as well as a discussion with Dustin, I'm going to journal a bit about these 12 habits and how I'm doing. Let's start at the top:
Express gratitude. – When you appreciate what you have, what you have appreciates in value.  Kinda cool right?  So basically, being grateful for the goodness that is already evident in your life will bring you a deeper sense of happiness.  And that’s without having to go out and buy anything.  It makes sense.  We’re gonna have a hard time ever being happy if we aren’t thankful for what we already have.
I like to think that I do this pretty darn well. I'm frequently giving small gifts, regularly email tidbits of thanks or praise or whatever, always want to give, give, give to show people how much I appreciate them. (Dustin, you tell me how many times I've thanked you...can you count that high?) My only problem with it is verbally expressing gratitude. I'm not nearly as good at that, or any verbal communication, really. I'm an introvert by nature and still get stuck in that mode most of the time. And also, a result of being so "good" at this habit is that I'm overly sensitive to a perceived LACK of gratitude in others. But that is their problem, not mine, and I have to let that go.

Do not be concerned about others not appreciating you. Be concerned about your not appreciating others.

So, here is a nice long list of things for which I am incredibly grateful:
-My friends and family. This includes you. And your health. And their health. Because all of my people are so fucking awesome that I feel like the luckiest person on the planet.
-My own excellent health (current shin issues aside) and my enthusiastic commitment to maintaining it.
-My job, including my coworkers and bosses and the company culture as a whole.
-My other job, again including my coworkers and bosses and the culture as a whole. They express their gratitude every freaking day that I work there.
-My other other job, because it's immensely gratifying to have a way to help people who have so thoroughly changed my life for the better.
-My husband's job, because he truly enjoys it (despite these weeks of spousal abandonment), and they appreciate him very much, and it's now an extremely rare day that he complains about it.
-My love of reading and learning and the education it has given me.
-My communities, from Sauk to West Union to Alex, full of nice people & good businesses & grass & trees & pretty lakes & fresh country air.
-My kitties, who love me every milli-second of every lazy day. (And maybe it's just because I'm their sole food source, but hey, I'll take it.)
-Your pets and your kiddos, because I delight in the simple goodness of critters & little people and really love to hear the funny stories.
-Every single day. Even the ones that make me cry big sad alligator tears, because they mean that I am still alive, and I will soon return to the days that make me laugh until I cry.

Now, how do you like them apples? That took me no time at all, and doesn't include a single THING, either. (Though, yes, I really was tempted to include Pepe on there.) And it made me really happy to make this list. So, being the expert that I am now, I recommend that you do the same thing. And you'll be happy too!

Ta - daaaaa!

Often people attempt to live their lives backwards; they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of that they want, so they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, then do what you need to do, in order to have what you want.
-Margaret Young

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