Wednesday, March 21

430a-12oz smoked chicken breast, can diet Pepsi, supps
545a-2c reg w/ T coconut creamer
630a-taught equipment mania class
730a-1.5c decaf w/ 2T coconut creamer
9a-2T Sunbutter, T coconut flakes, supps
1030a-mobility, PT, mobility, 2-minute icing, test run
130p-2sl egg bake, salad, supps
4p-3oz turkey jerky, 2T coconut flakes, med apple
530p-yoga class
7p-BLT+guac on GF toast, 5-ish carrots w/ hummus, protein pudding, sm apple, .5oz almonds, supps

Pulls: 6, 5, 5, 5, 4 - just wasn't there this morning. I also tried to do some handstand work before class, and on my second attempt I came down too hard and not-nice on my left foot so I stopped and gave it some mobility love instead. It simmered down after 30s or so.

Sleep: 7 hours in bed. Woke often. Wide awake at 4am, could've slept more, but then the alarm would've busted me at 430a, so I just got up. Feeling good, but was wary, prepared to take a mental dive due to lack of sleep.

It did kind of hit me mid-afternoon, wanted to cry looking out at the sunshiney day and feeling sad that even a walk was too much to ask. Ate some more food. Then I very nearly did cry while changing for yoga, after telling Jackie O about my running issues. And again during yoga final relaxation...not very relaxing. Ugh. Kept reminding myself it was not that bad, and a solid night of sleep would fix almost everything.

Had a massive tear-filled breakdown just before bed. Thankfully the solution was at hand.

Rehab: Still there, but feels better. Colorful bruising! PT at home in morning. Bonus calf work during class. Strangely sore quads.

Habit: Dressed much more flattering today, that helped the brain stop staring at the belly.

Misc: This weekend I made a deal with the hubster: all of the side job money we make is ours to keep, in full, in addition to the "allowance" we both get from the main jobs. (Personal money = unjustified spending, be it clothes or shoes or training or beer or dart tournaments...I'll let you guess whose is whose in that list...anyway, it keeps us from ever arguing about petty spending.) Before, we were keeping just 10% of our side job money, and everything else was poured into the joint account. This was mainly because the joint account needed my tax firm dinero, but it's now okay without it. So, this means that Dustin should no longer lecture me about tax season, because that side job alone will pay for an entire year of training! Hell yeah!!


This is not quite how I'm feeling today, but I'm pretending:

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