Sunday, March 18

7a-2 fr eggs, s chicken sausage, sm apple, fried plantain, 2 reg, T coconut creamer, supps
12p-1/3 protein cake experiment, smoked chicken breast, T honey mustard, can diet cherry Pepsi, supps
2p-sampled sweet potato pork wraps (as I made them), 1/3 protein cake, can diet cherry Pepsi, supps (note to self...felt awful after eating all of this!)
4p-can diet root beer
8p-turkey jerky, 1/3 protein cake, supps

Pulls: 10, 8, 7 - TEN CONSECUTIVE PULL-UPS. Changes from typical: I used the shit out of my legs from pull one, not just once it got hard. And, I started counting from 10 downward to 1. An interesting twist. It may do nothing, but as hugely mental as pull-ups are, it may do plenty.

Weight: 136.6 lbs, 22.7% fat - down .4lbs from yesterday, up .8 from a week ago.

Sleep: In bed 8.5 hours, but did not fall asleep right away, and woke often (husband got a 230am phone call! also cats once 5am rolled around). Felt okay when I got up.

Rehab: Knee/shin feeling improved quite a bit from yesterday, but...still there. PT after breakfast & before bed. I was going to lift, devised a plan and started my warm-up, but just wasn't feeling it. To a normal person: suck it up and train, ya baby. To an addict: take another rest day.

Habit: Good. Very little attention paid.

Misc: Not sure what to do with myself if I am not spending 4 hours on my feet! Hubster started pumping, so I was on my own. Kind of lethargic, but did my chores, food prep, finished a friend's taxes, visited the parents for a few hours. Always good for the ego to spend time with a pair of people who love you unconditionally.

 Loathing Monday is a lame way to spend 1/7th of your life.

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